SED Teacher Transfer Rules 2021, Teacher Transfer form 2021

The transfer rules and the application process of the transfer of the PST and the EST and the SST for the session 2021 have been announced. The government of the Pakistan announced that if any teacher want to transfer their location to the other location they can apply for this scheme and the programs but the government of the Pakistan also announced that first the teacher fulfill the requirements and then they are eligible for the program or the scheme of the transfer.

Rules and the procedure

  • The teacher is on the post of the Primary school teacher or the Elementary school teacher or the senior school teacher in the educational department of the Pakistan.
  • The second rule is that the teacher jobs are permanent.
  • The third rule is that the teacher of the male has the maximum 3 years experience in the desired location.
  • After the 3 years the male teachers are eligible for the posting.
  • The female‚Äôs teachers are eligible for the transfer scheme and there is no limit of the female teacher for the experience.
  • If any female teacher has an issue like the divorced and the marriage and the pregnancy and the other issues then they can easily eligible for the scheme.

How to apply

  • The teachers of the both male and he female write the application to the government of the Pakistan and the educational department and the director and the deputy director and the session officer and the establishment person and the secretary of the educational department.
  • Then the teachers complete their documents like salary slip and the next station details and the posting date and the rank and the other information.
  • In the application, the teacher mentioned the name and the father name and then mentioned the name of the government and the station where they work and then mentioned the name of the station where they want to do the work and then the teacher write the rank and the code and the detail of their personal information.

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