Top 10 fighter planes in The World

The list of the fighter planes is available on the page and the site. In the world most of the countries are very peaceful on the other hand they do not fight with the other country and they do not have an issue with the other country. Some of the countries have in the world that has some issues with the other countries and they fight them in the past. In the world every country wants to live independent and the every wants that their people live happy in the country but some of the countries have many issues with the other countries.

In the world most countries was fight with the other country in the battlefield and they fight with the army and some of the countries was fight with the air planes and some of the countries was fight with the tanks and some of the countries was fight with the ships.

In the world some of the countries have the power of the atomic bomb and the atomic and the nuclear bomb is too much dangerous for the world. In the history of the world the two cities are affected by the atom bomb and now this time there is no wealth and there is no population in that affected cities.

Mostly countries have the famous fighter planes and they fee proudly on it because these fighter jets destroys the plans of the enemies and the list of the famous and the most dangerous fighter planes are as follows

Fighter plane

  • MC DONNELL CF-101 plane
  • CHENGDU J-7 plane
  • NANCHANG Q-5 plane
  • SUKHOI SU-25 plane
  • SUKHOI SU-34 plane
  • British Aerospace HAWK T2 plane
  • GROB TUTOR plane
  • F-16 plane
  • MIG-21 Plane
  • DASSAULT Mirage 2000 plane

History and the detail

These planes are too much fast and their range is too much widely. The airplane of the F-16 is famous from all of the others and the new technology devices are adjusted in the plane. This plane destroys many planes of the INDIA and the drown Planes.

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