Solar Panels Latest Price in Pakistan 2021 Check Online Free

The latest price and the brands and the companies name and the capacity and the guarantee and the discounts offer and the benefits for the season of the 2021 have been announced. The high and the medium level families afford the facilities of the solar panel with different brands and the companies. In the Pakistan the different houses and the different offices and the different mosques and the different societies have the facility of the solar panel. In the Pakistan different types of the solar panel are introduced for the relax life of the family. In the Pakistan the commercial plazas and the offices electricity is on the solar panels because they do the business and sometime the business is not going too much profitable but on the other hand the person forget the problem of the electricity bills. They know that they do not pay any bill of the electricity because all the electricity is depend on the solar panel.

Companies that is famous for the solar panel

The companies’ names are

  • Canadian
  • JA solar

Prices and the quality

  • In the Pakistan the mostly famous brands so the solar panels are mentioned on the page and the site. In the Pakistan the mostly customers purchase the batteries separately and mostly customers purchase the battery with the solar panel with different rates.
  • If any person wants to get the solar panel plate with high voltage without the battery then the plate price is 6700 RS with one year guarantee.
  • If any person wants to get the solar panel plate with high or the low voltage with two dry batteries then the rate of the one plate or the two plates are 76000 RS with one year guarantee.
  • The batteries have 5 year guarantee.
  • The company of the batteries is Exide and the OSAKA.
  • After the two years the person can change the dry batteries.

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