SED Educational Calendar 2019

In new Taleemi Calendar, following points should be Focus:

  • Previous distributions method of syllabus 2018 as in Taleemi calendar 2018 also been kept in view during the revision of the new Taleemi calendar 2019.
  • Punjab text book board latest edition has been consolidate to revise the new Taleemi calendar 2019, so for the division of number of pages, topics and chapters should be correct.
  • Syllabus of 5th class 2019 and Syllabus of 8th class 2019 finished in December as plan to the PEC exam schedule. Month of January is for the revision of whole syllabus and for examination preparation.
  • Subject wise guideline are given on the pages for the effective teaching process.
  • New Taleemi session start from 1st March 2019

Class wise detail of Taleemi calendar is given below:

Primary Portion
  • Class 4
Middle Portion

High Portion

Note: Due to technical issue in SED website all syllabus update soon.and links works properly.
Taleemi Calander class wise ( From SED Syllabus 2019)

Class Nursery Taleemi Calander 2019

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Class 1 Taleemi Calendar 2019

Follow SLo,s for monthly syllabus.

Class 2 Taleemi Calander 2019

Class 3 Taleemi Calander 2019

Class 4th Taleemi Calander 2019

Class 5th Taleemi Calander 2019

Class 6th Taleemi Calander 2019

Class 7th Taleemi Calander 2019

Class 8th Taleemi Calander 2019

Class 9th Taleemi Calander 2019

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