Recruitment Policy 2021 Fresh Educator Jobs

The recruitment policy and the rules and the policy of appointing the new educator in the educational department for the session 2021 have been announced. Mostly candidates who are done their study with the M.ED and the B.ED and the mostly candidates do the BS and the MS and now they want to join the educational department for the profession. In the educational department every candidate thinks that only teacher and the professor’s jobs are announced but it is wrong. The jobs of the office and the staff work are also announced like computer operator and the manager and the supervisor and the principal and the computer lab assistant and the PT master and the head of the security of the guard and the examiner controller and the Assistant professor and the head of the clerks. But the only one thing is very difficult that the government of the Pakistan appointed only candidates who pass the NTS or the CTS and the PPSC test. This test is very difficult and this test is very typical for the students or the candidates whose concepts are not cleared. If any candidate who always learn the theory and they do not have the concepts of the topic that kind of the students appear in the examination but they face many difficulties in the questions of the examination.


The policy for hiring the new professor and the teacher and the other staff member are announced.

  • First the candidates complete their graduation or the master degree and if any candidate cleared their degree but they do not have the result sheet that kind of the candidates are not eligible.
  • Second the candidates must have the proper page according to the requirements.
  • Third, the candidates apply for the admission test.
  • Fourth, they cleared in the admission test,
  • If they do not clear in the admission test or the NTS or the PPSC test that kind of the candidates are not eligible.
  • Then the selected candidates receive the call letter for the interview
  • If they clear the interview then they got the job.

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