The past papers of the Lecturer of the Punjab public service commission and the SPSC and the Federal public service commission and the PMS for the session 2021 are available from the page and the site. If any candidates who want to clear the PPSC and the SPSC and the FBSC and the CSS and the PMS and the other test with 70 to 80 percent marks that kind of the candidates click the link and get all the past papers and the guess papers of the lecturer post. In the Pakistan mostly candidates and the persons want to join the educational department. According to the survey of the Pakistan of the session 2020, every graduate and the Master pass degree level person say that they want to get the job in the educational field because they do not waste their abilities and the skills of the education in any other department. They said that if they enter the department of the educational as the lecturer then they do something new in the technology of the computer and the engineering and the other departments.

CSS and the other past papers

In the Pakistan mostly candidates want to get the job in the highly ranked like the director of the educational department or the director of the agriculture department or the Deputy Director of the city or the commissioner of the city and the other posts.

The paper of the CSS isĀ  very tough because in the test of the PPSC and the FPSC and the PSC the only multiple choice questions are conducted but in the test of the CSS the written test and the essay test and the short question test and the multiple choice questions test are conducted.

How to download or get the past papers

If any student or the candidates want to get the 90 percent marks in the PPSC and the job then they download the guess paper and the past papers because sometime the same questions are asked in the final examination or the PPSC test.

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