The past papers of the Economics subject for the job of the lecturer for the session 2021 have been announced. The jobs of the lecturer are opened in the twenty five government universities. All the jobs are permanent and the all the jobs have the same rank like 16 scale. The candidates who have the degree of the MS and the M.PHIL that kind of the candidates can apply for the job. This job is only for the candidates who have the major subject is economics. The PPSC announced the job and the PPSC announced the job title and the case number and the eligibility criteria and the last date and the minimum qualification and the other details. All the details and the past papers of the PPSC of different posts are available on the page and the site.

Past papers of the Economics subject

The past papers of the economic subjects are uploaded by the PPSC because the PPSC wants that the student learn what type of the paper is conducted and which type of the questions are conducted. Mostly candidates think that they have too much knowledge and they tick any option of the question but on the other hand the PPSC announced that if any student or the candidate ticks the wrong option then the one marks is cut in their actual result its mean that the negative marking is also in the test of the PPSC.

In the subject of the Economics all the information is about the wealth and the social issues and the issues of the agriculture and the issues of the land and the other discussions about the amount.

How to apply for the job or the PPSC

  • If any candidates want to do the job or the registration then they have some important documents that are necessary for the PPSC.
  • The important documents are ID card and the domicile issue date and the character certificate and the picture and the fee voucher with student signature and the bank’s stamp.
  • The voucher is only of the 600 RS.

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