PPSC Lecturer Computer Science Solve MCQs Past Papers

These computer material is related PPSC exam last 5 year papers if you find any mistake in objective please mention in comments.If you can got good marks in PPSC computer exam prepare these guess papers.

1.  A Computer virus is
A : A micro organism
B : A useful computer component
C Electra magnetic waves enter the computer from internet
D A programme
Ans : D

2. URL is  term associated with the 

A: Computer hardware

B: Internet 

C:  Laser printer

D:  Fax
Ans : B

3. One mega byte MB is equal 
(A) 1023 kilobyte

(B) 1000 byte

(C) 100 kilobyte

(D) 1024 kilobyte 
Ans: D

4. Identify web browser from following

(A) Yahoo

(B) Internet Explorer

(C) Bing

(D) Duck Duck Go
Ans: B

5. Which is not social networking site

(A) Google Plus

(B) Wink

(C) LinkedIn

(D) Buzz
Ans: B

6. A parallel port is  often used by
(A) Mouse

(B) Monitor

(C) Printer

(D) Keyboard
Ans: C

7. Blue tooth technology allow 

(A) Landline phone to mobilephone communication

(B) Wireless communication between equipment

(C) Signal transmission on mobile phone only

(D) Satellite television communications 
Ans: B

8. OS in computer system mean? 

(A) Open System

(B) Open Software

(C) Operating System

(D) All of these
Ans: C

9. MOV extension refer to 

(A) Word file

(B) Text file

(C) Image file

(D) Movie file
Ans: D

10. Father of computer is 

A) Charles Babbage

B) Vint Cerf

C) Bob Khan

D) David Filo
Ans: A

11. Inventer of Email system?

(A) Alan Turing

(B) Zucker burg

(C) Vint Cerf

(D) Ray Tomilson
Ans: D

12. ROM Stand for

(A) Range Of Motion

(B) Read On Memory

(C) Read Only Memory

(D) None of these
Ans: C

13. Which is not search engine 

A) Microsoft

(B) AltaVista

(C) Google

(D) Search Bugs 
Ans: A

14. A Laser printer is:

(A) an input device

(B) an output device

(C) both (A) & (B)

(D) None of these
Ans: B

15. ATM mean?

(A) Any Time Money

(B) Automatic Tele Money

(C) Automatic Teller Machine

(D) Any Time Marketing
Ans: C

16. The term PC means?

(A) Personal Computer

(B) Public Computer

(C) Private Computer

(D) Professional Computer
Ans: A

17. Which one is the Low Level Language?

A. Assembly

B. Visual Basic

C. Java D. C++

18. Which is a volatile memory?





19. The system unit of  PC typically contains all of the following except:

a) Microprocessor
b) Serial interface
d) Modem
20. Technology no longer protected by copyright, available to everyone, is considerd 

A) proprietary.
B) open.
C) experimental.
D) in the public domain.

21. Computers process data into information by work exclusively with:

A) multimedia.
B) words.
C) characters.
D) numbers.
Answer: D

22. The invention of slide rule is attribute to

a) Babbage

b) Oughtred

c) Pascal

d) Napier

e) None of the above
Ans (B)

23. Which of the following circuit use as  Memory device in computer?

a) Rectifier

b) Flip-Flop

c) Comparator

d) Attenuator
Ans (b)

24. Super Computer was invented by

A) J.H. Van Tassel
B) J.C Perrier
C) W.L Judson
D) A.J.garnering
Ans is : A

25. Which is following term in not associate with computer?

A) Frank land reaction
B) Data base
C) Binary
D) Windows
Ans is : A

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