Pifra Online Salary Slip Registration Method For Govt Employee

The facility of the issuing the online pay slip for the government employee for the session 2021 has been announced. The government employees are too much worried at the end of the month because too much crowed is on the bank and the other places. The timing of the office and the timing of the bank are same. The government employee faces many difficulties at the time of the salary. The government of the Pakistan and the PIFRA take the step and now the PIFRA announced that the government employee can get the salary through the email without wasting any time. Now, with the help of the PIFRA the employee get the salary on their account. First the employees are making the plan and then they stand in the line and then they got the salary.

Why PIFRA help us

Basically the PIFRA is the projects improve to financial reporting and the auditing. With the help of the PIFRA, the government employee gets the salary online and their records and the other information will be online. If any employee needs the amount they just transfer the money into their personal account or the bank account. The government of the Pakistan is announced this program for the improvement of the employees.

How we register

  • In the Pakistan the mostly employees are the registered at that time and now the government employee are old government employee can apply for the PIFRA.
  • The employee clicks the link and then they move to the online registration of the PIFRA.
  • In the online registration the employee enters the different information like the ID card number and the bank account number and the email and the contact number and the address and the government code number and the government post name and the scale and the other information about the post.
  • At the end of the process the PIFRA send the 4 digits code to the email and if the employee verify it on the email then the account is registered.
  • If any employee or the person face any problem at the time of the registration they will contact through the complain box.

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