PEELI English Expert Trainers (EETs) Training Program by British Council

The program of the Punjab Education English language and the initiative that are announced by the British council for this session has been announced. The government of the Pakistan and the British government do the work in the single platform and in this platform the teacher and the professors of the colleges and the universities share their skills and the knowledge and the other knowledge about the advanced technology and the studies to the students or the teacher of the professors of the British government or the colleges or the institutes.

This is basically the job and the job location is anywhere in the Pakistan. Basically this job is announced by the British government and this job is contact base and the contract for the job is 1 year. After the 1 year the contract is extended if the contract is not extend then the job is finish.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria of the job is

  • The both male and the female are eligible for the job.
  • The candidates having strongly grip in the English language.
  • The candidates must have the skills of the teaching.
  • The candidates of any age are eligible.
  • The salary and the pay is only base of the hours.
  • In the British the salary is only the base of the hours. If you work into 2 hours then your payment amount is issued on the base of the 2 hours.
  • Only graduation and the master’s degree Holder’s persona are eligible.

Job description

  • The salary and the pay of the one hour are 800 to 2500 RS.
  • Basically this job is very suitable for the students who are like and they want to get more study in the higher education.
  • In the Pakistan, the highly qualified teacher or the professors are in the university and the colleges and if they share their skills to the other department or the country then the teacher earns the money and the wealth of the Pakistan is also increase with this program.

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