1.Essay :

My Hero, My Favorite Game, My Best Teacher ,My School, My Country , My Computer , A visit to Hill Station, Traveling by train.

2.Stories :

Thirsty Crow, Grapes are sour, A friend in need is a friend indeed, As you so , so shall you reap, Greedy dog, Union is Strength, Honesty is the best policy

3.Letters :

Write a letter to your mother telling about hostel life,Uncle thanking for a gift, Father to money, Younger brother to improve English, Friend to telling new house, father about your exam success, telling about new house, telling about new house

4.Applications :

To allow class to use library books, fee concession, leaving certification, new class room, repair boards, cleanliness about classroom and school, elder brother marriage

5.Dialogue :

Two friends talking about magic show, two friends talking about exhibition party, Tailor and Customer, Teacher and Student about exam preparation, about road accidents, terrorism

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Grade 8th Math Guess

Important Exercises
Chapter 1
1.2 , 1.3
Chapter 2
2.3 ,2.4, 2.5
Chapter 3
3.1 , 3.2
Chapter 4
4.1 , 4.2 , 4.3, 4.4 , 4.7
Chapter 6
6.1 , 6.2 , 6.9, 6.10 ,6.11
Chapter 8
8.1 , 8.2
Chapter 9
9.1 , 9.2 , 9.3
Chapter 10
10.1 , 10.2

Grade 8 PEC Urdu Guess Paper

PEC Urdu Guess Papers class 8th are available here. If students get good marks in Grade 8 Urdu subject then you are at right place now. We are sharing important questions for class 8th. Students from both English and Urdu medium school can get good marks about PEC 8th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2018 PEC . Important Question is given below.Best of Luck.

Essays/ paragraph:

Computer, Tv, Khelon ky Faidy, Ghar mohally skl ki Safai. Aalodgi sy kesy bachin, Match ka Hall, Mely ka Hall.


Honesty is the best policy, union is strength, Friend in need is a friend indeed, Foolish Stag, Grapes r sour, Greedy dog.


Dost ko apny village Bulao Shuttian guzarny k lie, Mubarkbaad kamyabi p birthday p, Sehat ka haal batao, Baji ko apni Taleemi Sargamin likho, Darkhst Skl main Safai k liye, Nalka kharab h, class room main new cooler ki zarrorat.


Dukandaar aur Gahik ky darmiyan .ustad aur Bachy ki Darmiyan, Conductor aur Musafir ky Darmiyan

Important Question Guess paper Class 8th Urdu


Class 8th Science Guess Paper

Describe the structure and function of Fore brain,Hind brain and Neuron
Name the parts of……labelled in the Diagram
Neuron Cell, Brain,Excretory System,Internal Structure of Kidney, Nephron,Turbine
Mitosis and Meiosis
Green House Effect, Global Warming, Acid Rain
Suggest Way how to reduce pollution
3R Strategies
Table Question
Make Balance Chemical Equations , Name of products and test for the Gas produced for reactants
Table Question
Type Cell :(Skin Cells ) ( Sperm)
(Number of Daughter Cells produced in from one parent cell )
(Number of Chromosomes in one daughter cell)
Table Question:
Mention the source of Acids like :
Citric Acid,Tartaric Acid , Acetic Acid etc
Table Question
Formulas and Name
Table Question
Name of Salt, ( Acid ) & (Base)
Expansion of Solid,Liquid and Gas Etc
Uses of Sulfuric Acid
Uses of Salts
Applications of Pascal Law
Pressure and Hydraulic System
Table Question
(Physical Quantity) ( Symbol)
Length (l) Time ( t)
Uses of Measuring Cylinder
Difference between Convex and Concave Lens
Short Sighted and Long Sighted
Real and Virtual Image
Function of Solar Panel
Input and output Devices
Types of Telescope
Structure of reflecting Telescope.

Guess Science 8th class chapter wise
Chapter No 1:  1.4,5,9,10
Chapter No 2:  2.3,4,5
Chapter No 3:  3.3,5,6,8
Chapter No 4:  4.5,6,7,12
Chapter No 5:  5.2,3,11
Chapter No 6:  6.4,6,9
Chapter No 7:  7.2,5,6
Chapter No 8:  8.3
Chapter No 9:  9.2,3,4,6
Chapter No 10:  10.2,3,6,9
Chapter No 11:  11.2,5
Chapter No 12:  12.3,6

Class 8 Guess Objective & Subjective


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