PEC 5th Class Model Papers

PEC Model Papers Class 5

 پیک ماڈل پیپر سے %30 تک سوالات پیپر میں آ تے رہے ہیں۔پیک ماڈل سے تیاری ضرور کرواہیں۔ 

PEC Datesheet Class 5 2019 (Grade 5)


Paper Date:  02/02/2019


Paper Date:  04/02/2019


Paper Date:  06/02/2019



Paper Date:  08/02/2019


Paper Date:  11/02/2019

Nazra Paper date: 12/02/2018


PEC has announced Datesheet Class 5 2019 (Expected)(Grade 5) Urdu Expected Paper Date announced 02/02/2019
You can read all Urdu Test Description and Guidelines for Teachers for future preparation of class five. In which Urdu MCQ Paper-1 and paper part 2 subjective and objective paper here.rubrics about Urdu papers are here.
PEC Science Paper Date:  04/02/2019
Science  pec Test Description pec Guidelines for Teachers
PEC Science MCQ Paper
Pec Science Key MCQ Paper-A
Pec Science Subjective Paper-A
Rubrics PEC Paper-A

English Paper Date:  06/02/2019
English PEC  Test Description PEC Guidelines for Teachers
English PEC 5th MCQ Paper-A
Key PEC 5th MCQ Paper-A
English PEC English Subjective Paper-A
PEC Rubrics Paper-A

MAth Paper Date:  08/02/2019
Maths PEC Test Description PEC Guidelines for Teachers
PEC Maths MCQ Paper-A
PEC Key MCQ Paper-A
PEC Maths Subjective Paper-A
PEC Math Rubrics Paper-A

Islmait Paper Date:  11/02/2019
Islamiat PEC Test Description PEC  Guidelines for Teachers
Islamiat PEC MCQ Paper-A
Key PEC MCQ Paper-A
Islamiat Subjective Paper-A
pec Islamait Rubrics Paper-A
PEC Nazra Paper date : 12/02/2019

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