Latest Exide Battery Price List 2019-20


EXIDE is the best quality batteries brand in all over Pakistan. EXIDE batteries are availed in all big and small cities of Pakistan. EXIDE battery is a very best in performance and long batteries life with 6 six months warranty with replaced new battery. In Pakistan EXIDE Battery life time is very long. You can also use EXIDE battery with any UPS and Solar Systems.In Pakistan almost each car ,truck, Tractors, Trucks and Buses and motor bike user used Exide battery .in Pakistan Exide Batteries is no.1 quality brand.Exide inverter batteries are design to give reliable backups in case of power off and voltage fluctuation. The Exide company is committed to bring batteries specially design to meet over rising demand for reliable power backup. Exide is best battery for ups in Pakistan.

 Here you can see latest EXIDE battery price list 2019-20

Battery Type
Price(PK Rs)
Ns-44 Rs. 3,500.00/-
NS-48ZA Rs. 4,000.00/-
NS50ZL Rs. 4,500.00/-
NS-65 Rs. 5,200.00/-
N-80 Rs. 5,700.00/-
NS-85 Rs. 6,500.00/-
N-88 Rs. 6,100.00/-
N-96Z Rs. 6,800.00/-
EX-100 Rs. 7,600.00/-
6X120 Rs. 8,700.00/-
N-125 Rs. 9,300.00/-
N-130 Rs. 9,700.00/-
N-140 Rs. 10,200.00/-
N-165 Rs. 12,300.00/-
N-180 Rs. 12,800.00/-
N-185 Rs. 13,500.00/-
N-200 Rs. 14,800.00/-
NP-210 Rs. 16,600.00/-
NS-200 PLUS Rs. 17,100.00/-
Ns-185 Rs. 14,600.00/-
N-210 Rs. 22,000.00/-
CNG-60 Rs. 4,800.00/-

For Long battery life and get maximum Timing must follow these instructions

♦ when you buy a new battery never use battery without initial charging.

♦ when you buy a new battery never charge the battery soon after putting the electrolyte into its surface.

♦ Leave battery at least 30 to 35 minute after adding electrolytes than connect with a charger which gives 10 ampere of battery related with battery capacity.

♦ Charge the battery till when its capacity reaches to 15 Volt and replace all the battery caps, looked carefully all cells are producing bubble equally.

♦ when you buy battery read carefully every battery have a manufacturing date print on it body and warranty card. buy latest newly manufacture one.

♦ Make sure that adding before the electrolyte, battery was completely seal and airtight.

♦  Some companies offering already prepared electrolyte, prefer that battery, rather then prepared by the electrician or battery maker.

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