Important Stories for PEC Class 5th & Class 8th Story writing

Story writing helps you develop positive thinking and enhances your creative ability. It keeps your mind active. Story writing is important because it developed your mind abilities and gives you lessons of life and more knowledge. Stories reading help you better understand the world around you. We are providing you 5th class important stories and 8th class important stories. PEC Stories for grade 5th and grade 8th.



Once there was a dog. He was very hungry. He reached at a butcher’s shop. He stole a piece of meat. He ran away. He reached on a stream. He looked into the water. He saw his own reflection in water. He took it for another dog with a piece of meat. He wanted to get it. He opened his mouth to get it. He lost his own piece of meat.

Moral:Do not be greedy“. Or “Greed is a curse


Once a stage was drinking water at the stream. He saw his shadow in the water. He felt proud of his beautiful horns. But he hated his thin legs. Some hounds saw him and ran towards him. His thin legs helped him to run. But his beautiful horns caught into the bushes. The hounds caught him and tore him into pieces.

   Moral:All that glitters in not gold “or “Pride has fall“.


Once there was an old man. He was very greedy. He had a hen. The hen was very strange. She lays an egg of gold daily. The old man became rich day by day. He became more greedy day by day. One day he decided to get all the eggs at once. He killed the hen. He could not get all the eggs. So he lost his hen.

                Moral: “Greed is curse


Once there was a fox. He was very hungry. He went to a garden. He saw ripe grapes there. He wanted to eat them. He jumped again and again. He could not reach them. He was tired. He decided to left this. So he went away saying that the grapes are sour.

                Moral: The grapes are sure


Once there was a farmer. He was very old. He had four sons. They always quarrel with each other. One day he called them. He asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. He asked them to break the bundle. They could not break. Then he asked them to open the bundle and break them. This time they broke all the sticks one by one. He advised them to be unite in life.

                Moral:Union is Strength


Once there was a crow. He was very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of water. But he failed. At last, he reached in a garden. There he saw a pot of water. But the water was low. He thought of a plan. He dropped some stones one by one. The water rose up. He drank it and flew away.

Moral: “Try try again” “Necessity is the mother of invention” Or “God helps those who helps themselves


Once there lived a bee on a bank of river. One day she fell into the water. A dove saw this. She dropped a leaf in the water near the bee. The bee climbed on the leaf. Few days later, a hunter came in the forest. He aimed on to the dove. The bee saw this. She flew and stung on hunter’s hand. The hunter dropped the gun due to pain. Then dove flew away.

                Moral: “Do good have good”.


Once there was a hare and a tortoise. They were friends. The hare was proud of his fast speed. He always used to laugh at slow speed of tortoise. One day the tortoise challenged him for a race. On fixed day race started. The hare ran fast and soon disappeared. He rested under the shade of tree for a while. The tortoise kept moving and crossed the hare. Soon he reached the destination. The hare woke up. He ran to the destination. He found tortoise there and felt ashamed.

                Moral: ““Pride hath a fall“.


Once upon a time, there lived a farmer. He had a strange hen. It laid an egg of gold daily. The man was very greedy. He wanted to get all the golden eggs all at once. One day, he killed the hen and cut its belly open. There were no golden eggs inside the belly of the hen. He became very sad. He had lost the hen that laid a golden egg daily for him.

Morals:  1. Greed is a curse.


Once, a crow was sitting in a tree. It had a piece of cheese in its beak. A fox passed that way. He decided to get that piece of cheese. He said to the crow. “Please sing a bit. I want to hear your sweet voice.” The crow was pleased to hear this. It opened its beak to sing. The piece of cheese fell down the fox picked it up and ate it. The crow felt sad about it.

                Morals:  1. Be aware of flattener.


Once, a slave ran away from his master. He hides him in a cave. There he saw a lion. The lion had a big thorn in its paw. It could not walk. The slave went near it and drew the thorn out. The lion became happy. One day, the slave was caught. He was thrown before a hungry lion. The lion began to lick his feet. It was the same lion whom the slave had helped in the jungle. The master became happy to know the whole event. He freed both the lion and the slave.

Possible Morals:   1. One good turn deserves another.   2. Do good and have good.     3. Virtue never goes waste/ unrewarded.


Once, a lion was sleeping under a tree. A mouse came and began to run over his body. The lion woke up. He caught the mouse and wanted to kill it. The mouse asked for mercy. It said that it might help him some day. The lion smiled and let it go. After some days, the lion was caught up in a net. The lion roared for help. The mouse came there. It cut the net with its sharp teeth. The lion got free and happy. He thanked the mouse for its help.

Morals:  1. Do good and have good.   2. Virtue never goes unrewarded.    3. One good turn deserves another.


Robert Bruce was defeated by the British. He hides him in a cave to save his life. He decided to give up fighting. Then he saw a spider climbing on a wall. It wanted to reach its cobweb. The spider fell but began to climb again. It fell down nine times. The king thought that it would end its efforts. But he saw the spider climbing again. At last, it reached its cobweb. The king learned a lesson. He decided to fight again. This time he won.

Morals:  1. Try, try again.      2. Despair is a sin.     

  1. Failure leads to success.


Once, a woodcutter was cutting a tree on the bank of a river. His axe fell into the river. He began to weep. An angel came there to help him. The woodcutter told him the whole event. The angel jumped into the river. He brought out an axe of gold. The woodcutter did not take it. The angel dived again and came out with an axe of silver. The woodcutter did not accept it also. The angel dived again and came out with an axe of iron. The woodcutter took it happily. The angel became happy with his honest. He gave him the other two axes as a reward.

Possible Morals:                   1. Honesty is the best policy.             2. Virtue never goes unrewarded


Once a farmer was going to his fields. It was very cold. On the way, he saw a snake almost dead with cold. He took pity on it and brought it home. He placed it near fire. After a few minutes, the snake began to move. The children of the farmer had also gathered there. Suddenly, the snake attacked one of the farmer’s children. But before it could bite him, the farmer killed it with a stick.

                Morals:  1.You cannot befriend an enemy.

16-A Friend In Need is A Friend Indeed

Once, two friends set out on a journey. They had to cross a jungle . They saw a bear coming to them . One of them climbed up a tree . The other did not know how to climb up a tree. He lay down on the Ground and held his breath. The bear sniffed him. He took him for dead and went away. They other friend said, “What did the bear say in your ear?” He said, “The bear advised me not to trust a selfish friend.” Then he started his journey alone.

Moral: 1. A friend in need is a friend indeed     2. Fair weather friends leave in the lurch.

17-A strange Hen

Once, a farmer had a hen. It laid a golden egg daily. He sold it at a high price. He grew rich within a few days. But he was not satisfied. He decided to grow richer in a day. So he killed the hen and looked for the eggs. But there was no egg in it. He had lost both the hen and the eggs. He repented of his folly but could do nothing.

 Moral: 1. Greed is a curse.     2. It is no use crying over spilt milk     3. Haste makes waste.

18-The Clever Cat And The Vain Fox

Once, a fox met a cat. He invited him to have some company. The cat said that it was not a safe place. A hunter might kill them. But the fox said that he knew many tricks to dodge the hunter. He asked the cat if she also knew any trick. The cat said that she knew how to climb up a tree. The fox laughed with hatred. Soon they saw two hounds running towards them. The cat climbed up a tree at once. The fox ran for his life. But the hounds caught him and tore him to pieces.

Moral:  1. Pride hath a fall   2. Vanity is self-deception.

19-The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once, a shepherd lived in a forest. One day, he thought of making fool of the villagers. He shouted “wolf, wolf.” The villagers ran to help him but they found no wolf. They got angry and went back. The next day, he again cried “wolf, wolf.” The villagers came to help him. But they found no wolf. After a few days, a wolf actually came there. He cried again and again but no one came to help him. The wolf killed him and his sheep.

Moral: 1. Never tell a lie.      2. Once a liar, always a liar.

20-Three Friends And A Bag Of Gold

Once, three friends set out on a journey. On the way, they found a bag full of gold coins. They decided to divide them among themselves. But each wanted to have the whole of  coins it. They felt hungry. They sent one of them to bring some food. He mixed poison in the food. When he returned, the other two killed him. Then they ate the poisoned food and also died. No one could get the gold coins.

Moral:       1.As you sow, so shall you reap.    2. Tit for tat.  3. Greed is curse                                                                                                              

21-A Farmer And His Lazy Sons

Once, a farmer had four lazy sons. They did nothing but wander. He was worried about them. He fell ill. He sent for his sons. He said that he had buried a treasure in his fields. They sons asked where it was. But before he could tell, he died. After his death, the sons dug up the fields. They could find nothing. Then they sowed crops there which grew well. They grew rich. Now they realized about the buried treasure.

Moral: 1. Self-done is well done.     2. Want is the mother of industry.

Written by:   Abdul Khaliq Khan

M.Sc(CS), M.A(Pak-Study), M.A(Edu)

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