How To Make Training Portfolio Math,Science,English and Urdu for Teachers

All the tips of the training of the teachers for the subjects of the Math and the science and the English and the Urdu are available. In the Pakistan the students face many problems in these subjects because these subjects are too much tough. The teachers of the Pakistan are too much talented and the skillful and the trained and they serve their skills to the students but mostly students need some attention and the hard working more and more and the mostly teachers or the professors are new in their field. They do not tell anyone about their weakness but they fell that they do not explain the topic well and good. The training portfolio is very important for the teachers because the teachers are very important for the success of the students.

Math Subject

The math subject is full of the concepts and the formulas and the equations and the terms and the rules. The students do not remember all the formulas and the equations and the terms but if they just understand the term of the formulas and the equation then they remember easily. The best thing is that the teacher write the question In the left side of the white board and the teachers solve the formulas and the equation in the right side of the board that’s why the students learn how the formulas is made.

English and the Urdu Subjects

The subject of the English is also very tough. Mostly students do not understand the language of the English because the environment of the city and the village is totally different. In the home or the outside the students listen the Urdu language and they also talk in the Urdu language.

The best thing is that the teacher makes the simple sentence at the front of the students because the student easily understands the words of the English easily.

Science subject

If the teacher do some practical work in the front of the students about the topic or the syllabus then they understand the topic easily


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