Google Top Most Searched Topics on the Internet 2017

On world analysis of the topics, it is not music,movies or programming from what we have seen.

In approximate using the top Hundred 100 search topic are.Main topic are given below in detail.


  1. Adult Content – approx 548 million/each year
  2. Reference – 405 million/each year
  3. Celebrities – 86 million/each year
  4. Shopping – 56 million/each year
  5. Lottery – 30 million/each year
  6. Sports
  7. Game
  8. Emails
  9. Video
  10. Children
  11. Music
  12. Academy
  13. Internet
  14. TV
  15. News
  16. Travel
  17. Communication
  18. Social Media
  19. Finance
  20. Holidays
  21. Movies

 the exact topic that are searches via the keyword they represent their values. these are the special ones in order that attain the most traction and traffic.  I did  some extent generalizing though because on the top, you have literally “porno” 152 million per year, “poron” (125 million per year, and “triple x” (102 million per year before you got the 1st instance of anything non-sexual.

♦ As we know people who want to see adult material, their first choice to see and know about their faces.

♦ Celebrities are every mind in people and we also very conscious about whats happening in their lives. Celebrities are on 3rd in most searches category.

♦ we are surprised to decrease game topic to 3rd to 8th,because people do not wastes time on internet game,they changed their behavior.

♦ Now a People are interested in buying online thinks online shopping. online shopping going to big trend its position is on 4th.

Top Search Topics as a Individual Topic Search

  1. Porno
  2. Translate (people want to translate foreign language)
  3. Maps (people are going to search places)
  4. Weather (it going to rain or not)
  5. More porn
  6. News (whats going on)
  7. iPhone7+
  8. Mail
  9. Movies
  10. Music

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