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The new essay skill we were adding would be taking our opinion writing to multi paragraph essay .The purpose of Pattern Based Writing essays Quick and Easy Essay is to easily teach all students how to organize information and make all main points clear.These essays are the extensive and multi part discussion of many topics. BA English notes essays that were written on the basis of multiple easy texts. The purpose of the Multiple Source Essay is to give student the chance to practice the process of “composite.  We are providing you BA English multi topic essay. These essays also helpful in primary, Middle and high classes. These essays are helpful for grade 5th students and 8th class students.


Visit to _______ provide chance to enjoy life. Last Sunday, the weather was cool and pleasant. I went there with my family. All the arrangements were perfect. The weather was very perfect. Cool breeze was also blowing. I reached there after two hours. It was built beautifully and maintain carefully. We saw many things there. We took rest for 30 minutes. I always like to visit ________. I enjoy visits to ____________ very much. I never forget this visit. This is most memorable day of my

2- A Visit to a Park   /      A Happiest Day of My Life  /    How I Spend Weekend   /  An              Exciting Day /  An Exciting Dream.

Last Sunday we made a program to visit a park. We hire a van and reached the park. We bought entry tickets and entered the park. There we enjoyed different kinds of swing. We also enjoyed with different games. We stayed there till 4 ‘O’ clock. After some time we returned home. It was the happiest day of my life. It was an exciting day for me. In fact it was my exciting dream.


Our school was close on last Sunday. It was rainy season. We made a plan to go out for a picnic. It was a fine day. We made proper arrangements. We left for the Jahangir Tomb on the bank of Ravi River. We reached there at 10 a.m. We put our things under the tree. First we visit the Jahangir tomb. It is a historical place. It is very beautiful place. After this we hired a boat and enjoy boating. There we play different games and enjoy music. Suddenly, clouds came and it rained. There was water everywhere. In the evening we came back home. It was the happiest day of my life.

          (Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep, Rabbit, Horse, Dog, Cat, Duck, Parrot, Hen, etc)

This is a ___________.  It is my pet animal. It is my favorite animal. It is found all over the world. It is a beautiful animal. It is found in different colors. But its color is black. It has a shiny skin. It eats fresh food. I have made a beautiful small hut for it. It is very attached with me. It is a useful animal. I care it very much. I like it very much.

          (A Pen/ A Pencil/ A Book/ A Ball/ A Chair/ A Table/ A Desk/ A cap/ A Watch  etc)

This is a____________. This is my_____________. It is very beautiful. I bought it from bazar. It is very cheaply. Its color is ______. It is made with fine material. It is made in Pakistan. I use it carefully. I use it daily. I keep it clean. It is very useful for me. I like it very much.

6- Any Match

            (Football Match, Cricket Match, Hockey Match, etc)

Last Sunday a ____________ match was played between our school and City Club. It was a holiday. All of my friends and class fellows decide to see the match. We reached the ground in time. Many people came to see the match. There was a great rush. The match was started in time. Both teams were good. The players played well. They tried their best to win the match. The match became very interesting.  Both the team tried hard to win. The match ended in a draw. We enjoyed it very much.


Mobile phone is a modern invention. It is a small and light machine. People can easily carry it. It is very helpful. We also call it cell phone. Modern cell phone are called smart phone. It is used to communicate the long distance. Early telephones used analog networks. Modern phones use digital networks. It becomes a very important part of our lives. It also helps the students in studying. Due to mobile the world becomes a global village. Its also have some disadvantages like wasting of time, security issues, injuries to health etc.

Article Written by:   Abdul Khaliq Khan

M.Sc(CS), M.A(Pak-Study), M.A(Edu)

English Teacher (PAK)

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