Five Ways to Improve English Grammar Online

5 Ways to Improve English Grammar Online

English language is the world’s third most widely used language for verbal and written communication after Chinese and Spanish. Besides, English language is not the native language of most of the world, but it is known and used in many parts of the world.

Using a language that is not the first language is not an easy task. Moreover, linguistics keeps on evolving with time. The grammar, vocabulary, spelling and other technical stuff constantly keeps on changing time to time. Therefore, constant measures must be taken to improve, enhance and correct the usage of English language.

There are many ways to improve English Grammar using books and practice workbooks, etc.  However, as the technology has advanced ways of learning, studying and gaining information have massively changed. This is all possible due to the online e-learning techniques. Here are the 5 ways to improve English Grammar online:

  1. Grammarly Grammer Checker: Grammarly is a renowned grammar check, punctuation check and spelling check website that is trusted by more than 10 million people worldwide.It is free, online as well as downloadable and easy to use. Grammarly also offers plagiarism detection and vocabulary enhancement tool as well. Moreover, Grammarly offers a software extension of its grammar checker that can be added to the browser that you use which will auto correct many mistakes made while typing.
  2. English Grammar 101: English Grammar 101 is an English grammar learning tool that has been designed in a textbook style. The lessons are divided into chapters; each chapter covers only one topic in detail that is followed by a practice exercise, which makes the understanding, learning, practice and usage all at the same time. Division of the topics into chapter makes the learning easier, ensuring that every topic is well elaborated, making the learning convenient.
  3. Online Correction: Online Correction is an online, free, simple and easy to use grammar, punctuation and spelling check tool. Online Correction is simple, sleek and does not use heavy graphics which makes is easier to use for a person who is not an expert. There is a text box where the content data is input and click here for Grammar check button is pressed after which the spelling mistakes are the marked with red color and the grammatical mistakes are marked in green color with options and explanations for their correction.
  4. Grammar Lookup: Grammar Lookup is an online, free and easily accessible proofread tool that not only offers spelling mistake corrector, grammar check options and punctuation checker tool. Grammar Lookup does not require any download or registration.
  5. 5 Minute English: 5 Minute English is a simple and sleek English Grammar learning tool that is not user friendly, simple and easy to use. 5 Minute English gives mini to the point lessons that make learning easier and understandable for students. Just as the name of the tool defines, it is designed in a way that it makes learning English grammar easier in short span of time.

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