SED Syllabus 2021-22 for Class One

The syllabus of the one class of the school education department for the session 2021 has been announced. If any student or the parents want to get the syllabus and the vocations that kind of the students click the link and get the syllabus of the class one. All the government schools and the other institutes follow the same syllabus in the whole year and now this time the syllabus is announced. The result of the prep class is displayed on the notice board of the schools and if any person or the family member does not visit the school then they click the link and they got the result sheet of the students. In the result sheet only the school name and the student name and the student roll number and the obtained marks and the total marks are mentioned.

Subjects of the one class

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Math
  • Drawing
  • Islamiyat
  • Tables

The government of the Pakistan and the SED take the good step that the study of the Quran Sharif is included in the syllabus of the class one.


  • In the syllabus of the English the students just read the reading of the words and the paragraphs because in this stage or the class the students are not expert and in this class the students just read three lines in one day and next day the teacher listen the previous lesson of the students.
  • In the subject of the Urdu the students do not write the words of the Urdu and they do not pronounce the exact word in this session and the class they learn the words of the Urdu with beautiful writing.
  • In the subject of the mathematics, the students must be learning to add or subtract the digits. The student must be learning the table of one and the two and the three.
  • In the subject of the drawing, the students learn how to draw the things and the diagrams because in the future they draw the drawings in the practical books of the matriculation.

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