AEO Arts and Science NTS Past Papers and Recruitment Policy Process

NTS has uploaded advertisement and Policy for the Recruitment of New Fresh Educator in School education Department Punjab 2018/2019
According to the Policy 2018-19

Recruitment Process shall be completed according to the following Timelines…
1. Checking or investigating of Advertisement 
2. Publish of Advertisement in all National Newspapers  soon.
3. Submission of Applications Last Date is announce
4. Inspection of Application  and Verification of all Data 2018

5. Mention of Pre-Interview Merit Lists by EDO -(Education) and DMO in 2018
6. First Display of Pre-Interview Merit List after summer vacation
7. Then after Objections and Decisions on application mentioned
8. Interviews of Candidates conducted
9. Receiving of Options Schools for Posting (during interviews)
10. Final Merit Lists publisled in (DRCs)
11. final Issuance Letter of Agreement
12. Educater Attendance in School
13. Induction Training of educaters starts from
14. Final Recruitment File Status Submit to the Depty DEO Edo and Department 

Educators and AEOs Recruitment Policy 2018-19 Has Been Announced.

Total 46374 ESEs Will Be Recruited now.
SESE,SSE and AEO Posts Detail Will Be Issued Soon.
District Wise PSTs or ESEs Male and FemalePosts Detail

District: Female+Male = Total
Attock: F 555+M 530 = 1085
Bahawalnagar: F 967+M 1065=2032
Bahawalpur: F 959+M 1328=2287
Bhakkar: F 834+ M 778=1612
Chakwal: F 539+M 438=977
Chiniot: F 343+M 161=504
DG Khan: F 767+ M 1301=2068
Faisalabad: F 570+M 577=1147
Gujranwala: F 828+M 593=1421
Gujrat: F 677+M 427=1104
Hafizabad: F 471+M 427=898
Jhelum: F 450+M 265=715
Jhung: F 898+M 510=1408
Kasur: F 584+ M 551=1135
Khanewal: F 382+ M 272=654
Khushab:F 367+ M 686=1053
Lahore: F 294+M 298=592
Layyah: F 877+ M 1218=2095
Lodharan: F 506+ M 211=717
MB Din: F 257+ M 404=661
Mianwali: F 787+M 439=1226
Multan: F 831+M 383=1214
Mazaffargarh: F 1259+ M 1248=2507
Nankana Sahib: F 221+ M 332=553
Narowal: F 862+M 272=1134
Okara: F 737+M 531=1268
Pakpattan:F 379+ M 464=843
RY Khan:F 2039+ M 1480=3519
Rajanpur: F 535+M 1205=1740
Rawalpindi: F 743+M 456=1199
Sahiwal: F 438+M 393=831
Sargodha: F 694+M 678=1372
Sheikhupura: F 546+M 781=1327
Sialkot: F 1168+M 304=1472
TT Sing:F 302+M 217=519
Vehari:F 755+M 730=1485
TOTAL:FEMALE 24421+ MALE 21953=46374

Recruitment Policy
Interview Marks = 05
Professional Marks = 05
Matric Marks = 15
INTER Marks = 15
Graduation Marks = 15
Master Degree Marks = 15
Test Marks = 30

InterviewMarks =05
ProfessionalMarks =05
Matric Marks =13
INTER Marks =15
Grduation Marks =15
Master Degree marks =15
Local Residence Marks= 12
Test Marks = 20

ESE Syllabus For NTS Test
Primary and Elementary Level (Urdu=15 marks, Islamiat+SS=10 marks, English=30Marks)
Pedagogy=10 marks
Primary Level (Math=20 marks, Science=10 marks)
Current Affairs and G.K = 05 marks

ESE(Math-Science) Syllabus For NTS Test
Primary Level (Urdu=10 marks, Islamiat+SS=10 Marks , English=15 marks)
Pedagogy= 10 marks
Primary & Elementary Level (Math=25 marks, Science=25marks)
Current Affairs and G.K= 5 marks

AEO Syllabus For NTS Test
English Graduation Level=30 MArks
Math Intermediate Level=30 MArks
Physics, Biology, Chemistry Intermediate Level=30 MArks
Pedagogy=10 MArks

Past Papers NTS with key for all post

Answer key:

1-D 2-D 38.D 39.C 40.A 41.c. 42.C 43.D 44.A 45.A 46.B.  47.B 48.C. 49.B16.D 17.C 18.c 19.A 20.B30.b 31.E 32.A 33.C 34.D 35.D  25.E  26.E 27.C 28.C 29.A48.A 49.C 50.C76. A 77. A 78. D79.A80. B26.B 27.D 28.A 29.A 30     Responding.
Learning Through consequences.
functional leadership.  16.A 17.A 18.D 19.D 20.A 21. D33.D 34.D 35.C 36.C 37.D27.B 28.B 29.C 30.B 31.B 32.c

nts-past-paper-1 nts-past-paper-2 nts-past-paper-3 nts-past-paper-4 nts-past-paper-5 nts-past-paper-6 nts-past-paper-7 nts-past-paper-8 nts-past-paper-10 nts-past-paper-11



Many more papers upload soon here

Last date for submission application form is 31 August.These Jobs are though NTS test. Vacancies of the following catagories have been announced:

Age Limit
Male – 35
Female -38
Disabld – 40
Passing Marks in NTS – 50
Test Fee – 475 Rs
Education BA To Master Level
Professional Qualification:
B.Ed-M.Ed or MA Education

ESE (General) :

(MA ,Msc,BA,BA hons,BBA,MCS,BCS.MBA.BBAit,BS honor,
BS TS 4 year,MBIT,,BBA(IT),
Master degree/Bachlor Degree in DVM,Animal,
Doctor of Formacy,Graduation in Engineering,
Nursing ,commerce in any subject ,
disciplin trade and Tecnology.

ESE (Sience Math) :

(MA ,Msc,BA,BA hons,BBA,MCS,BCS.MBA.BBAit,BS honor,
BS TS 4 year,MBIT,,BBA(IT),
Master degree/Bachlor Degree in DVM,Animal,
Doctor of Formacy,Graduation in Engineering,
Nursing ,commerce in any subject ,
disciplin trade and Tecnology.and intermidiate/ADE
with atleast three Major Subject out of physics ,
chemistry ,Biology,Math and Computer Science

MSED,BSED atleast two subject Chemistry Zoology, Botany,

Physics Math A,Math B Course.

SESE (Science) :

BSc Atleast two subject out of Zoology. Botany and Chemistry.


MSc, BS 4 year ,Bio chemistry, Bio informative,Bio Technology,Zoology,Environmental Science,Botany,Biology,Food and Science and Technology,Fisheries.


BSc Engineering and Technology.


BSC 4 year in Agriculture.


MSED,BSED with Chemistry Zoology, Botany.


Bsc At least two subject out of Math-A , Math-B ,Chemistry,Physics and Computer


MSc, BS 4 year , MSC Math and Physics


BSc Engineering and Technology.


MSEd /BSED  with Math and Physics

SESE (English) :

BA With English 200 Marks Plus English Literature 200 marks

Master Degree in English


Master Degree in Urdu

SESE (Computer Science):

MSC (CS).MCS, MSc IT, MIT,BS IT 4 year,BSC computer 4 year MBIT , BBA IT.


B.A with Shadat-ul-Almia

MA Arabic


MA ,MSC in sport science or physical Education


Master in Fine Art

SSE (Urdu) :

Master Degree in Urdu

SSE (English):

Master Degree in English

SSE (Math):

Master in Mathematics

SSE (Physics):

Master Degree in Physics

SSE (Biology) :

MSc in Zoology,Environmental Science,Botany,Biology,Food and Science and Technology,Fisheries.

BS 4 year in Agriculture

SSE (Chemistry) :

Master Degree in chemistry

SSE (Computer science)

Master in Computer :

MSC (CS).MCS, MSc IT, MIT,BS IT 4 year,BSC computer 4 year MBIT .

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