9th class Computer Science Guess Bio Guess

9th Computer Science Guess:

Here we are providing you latest computer science 9th class guess. These guess papers are made with the help of senior paper maker teachers and subject specialist. You can get good marks in the 9th class by preparing these 9th class guess paper 2019.

Computer, abacus, Babbage, von Neuman, ENIAC,UNIVAC,generations complete, types, classification, program,computer language, high, low level& machine language,basic,c/c++,lisp, cobo, language translators, EDP, i/o unit, system unit, application &system software, CPU, ALU, CU, port, buses, keyboard, delete, backspace key, pg up, pg down, scanner, voice recognition, soft & hard copy, monitor complete, printer complete, plotter complete, data, information, types of data, 2,8,10,16 base no. Systems, conversion, 1’s, 2’s complement subtraction, ASCII, BCD, EBCDIC, UNI CODES, proposition, boolean algebra, boolean variables, constant, truth table, boolean expression, MIN, max term, advance, the disadvantage of using algebraic laws, and K.Map, De. Morgan’s law, operating system, types, function, CLI, GUI, Internal, External commands, dos files, del, RD, MD, prompt commands, disk drives, icon, recycle bin, the feature of windows, explorer, short cut, multitasking, mouse, virus, antivirus, control panel.
All exercise  9th class MCQS, fill in the blanks, True false.

9th Class Bio Guess

Short questions 100%
Bio Ch-1
1-bio ki shakhain. 2-horticulture or fisheries. 3-animal husbndry or bio.geography. 4- mslman sainsdan ki khidmat5-papolation or comunity6-cell or tissue level7-species or habitate 8-parasite 9-srso ky pody or mendak ka scientific nam10-uni. And multicelular orginization
1-biological method and biological problmz2-mushahidat kia hy? Miqdari or mahiti mushahidat m frq? 3-hypothesis ki tareef or khobyan4-deduction or control group5-AFA king k mushahidat6-theory and law7-nisbt or tnasib8-incubation period9-bio informatics10-kuliks or anofilies mchr
1-biodiversty ki tareef or ehmyat2-clasification ki tareef or mqasid3-texanomy or sestimatics4-texa or texon5-autotraf or hetrotraf6-virous ka mqam7-bionomyal nomanclatureOr insan or mtr ka sainsi nam8-napaid or indangerd m frq9-flora or fana 10-class or ardr m frq
Ch 4
1.Resolving or magnification power2,cell theory k asool3,shledon or shewan ki theory,4cell wall or cell membrane main fraq, 5.plasmodesmata 6,microtubules or micro filaments , 7fluid mosaic model, 8.leucoplast or chloroplast ka Kam , 9.ruf or smooth endoplasmic reticulum main fraq,10. diffusion or facilitated diffusion or passive diffusion,
11.osmosis or active transport , 12.lysosome,13.turger pressure, 14.hypotonic or hypertonic solution, 15.endocytosis or eski iqsam,16.xylem.or phloem.ka.kam , 17.simple or compound tissue,
Ch 5.
1..G1 or G0 phase , 2regeneration,3 mitosis or meiosis ki tareef or ahmeat , 4.alternation of generation,
5.crossing over,6.haploid or diploid, 7.cytokinesis or kyreokinesis, 8.cynepsis or kyazmeta , 9.metastasis,apoptosis and necrosis
Chapter 61Metabolism or anabolism +catabolism, 2.enzyme or uska Kam.3,substarate or active site , 4.activation energy or us pr temperature ka asar , 5.coenzyme or Co factor 6.,enzyme.ka khorak or kagaz ki factory main estmal , 7.optimum temperature or optimum pH , 8.enzyme ki denaturation sy Kya Murad Hy ,9.lock and key model, 10.induce fit model , 11.enzyme ki takhsees , 12.enzyme activation ko kysy km krty hyn ,
Chapter 7
1.Bioenergetics ,2. oxidation or reduction,3ATP Kya Hy or esy energy currency q khty hn,4 photosynthesis or eski msawat , 5.respiration or cellular respiration main fraq ,6. aerobic or anaerobic respiration main frq ,7. Alcoholic or lactic fermentation m fraq ,8. Krebs cycle or Z scheme ,9.light or dark reaction main fraq , 10.photosynthesis pr asar andaz hony waly factor
1-neutrents or neutrition m frq2-macro and microneutrants3-arganic or inorganic fertilizer4-saturated and unsaturated faty acid m frq5-major minrlz and minor minrlz6-vitamn ki tareef iqsam or ehmyat7-diatry fibr ki tareef or faida8-vitamn A, c or D ki kmi sy hny wali bmaryan? 9-mtwazn ghza or mal nutrition10-ko.ishyarkr, goiter and anemya? 11-injexn, dijexn12-bols or kaim13-peristalises and apendix14-diarya and qbz15-merazms16-jigr ka kam17-khushk sali or faka kashi
1-zilam or floim tissue2-transpiration3-stomatal transpiration4-lenti. Cell and stomata or iska kam5-transpirational pul and kohezn tnxn theory6-sourc and sink7-blood cells? 8-insani dil Dbl pump9-bi.cuspid and tricuspid valve10-palmonri and systimetic circulation11-artries and veins and caplries m frq12-mayocardial infarction and injayna pectoras13-pericardium and pericardial flued14-universal donor and acceptor blood groups: Best Of Luck

Biology guess paper Class 9th

100% Sure
Most Important Long Questions
Note :
* ( Important)
** ( Very Important )
*** ( Most Important )
relationship of Biology to other Sciences***
careers in Biology***
Muslim scientist **
organ and organ system level*
cellular organisation*
cell wall *
nucleus *
plastids *
differentiate between prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells *
Water balance problems *
xylem tissues and phloem tissues
characteristics of enzymes *
some uses of enzymes*
mechanism of enzyme action***
how does temperature
affect the rate of enzyme action**
summary of light reaction *
summary of dark reactions***
limiting factor in photosynthesis***
importance of fermentation**
mechanism of respiration *
importance of fertilizer *
effects of water and dietary fibre *
effects of the malnutrition
digestion in the stomach**
role of the liver **
opening and closing of the stomata*
affecting the rate of transpiration **
the significance of the transpiration***
structure of the heart
write note on myocardial infection

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