2nd year class 12th URDU Guess Paper- Computer Science guess paper

Urdu is a Main subject in which you can get full marks.FSC is a main program in which students focus on which area they have attain goal in right direction. Here we are providing 12th class Urdu guess paper 2019 and 12th class computer science guess paper 2019. 2nd year urdu guess paper prepare ing after deeply study of past five year papers.You can get good marks after preparing guess paper FSC Class.You can also download FA Urdu guess 2019 from this site.

12Th Class FSC Urdu Guess 2019 (99.9%)

FA Urdu Guess 2019

Tashreeh k liye nazmain:
Hamd,Naat,Islami Masawat,Nojawan se khitab,Taghaiur

Tashreeh k liye Ghazlain:
Khwaja Mir Dard,
Mirza Ghalib,Allama Iqbal

Tashreeh k liye Asbaq:
Manaqib e Umar bin Abdl Aziz,Tashkeel e Pakistan,Mehnat pasand khirdmand,Nawab Mohnin ul Mulk,Zafar Ali Khan,Nazir Ahmad,Ayub Abbasi.

Khulasa k liye asbaq:

Akbari ki hamaqtain,Pehli fatah,Dastak,Qurtaba ka Qazi,Huwai,Aik safr nama jo kahin ka nahin.

Khulasa k liye nazmain:
Hamd,Naat,Admi,Surag Rahroo,Kohitani Safar k doran,Taghaiur.

Important Eassy (Mazameen):
Meri pasandida shaksiyt,Uswa e Husana,Alam e Ittehad Islam,Jamhuriyat,Mehnat k faiday,Mohib e Watan,Deshat gardi,Quran Majeed,Computer k faiday,Science k karishme.

Important Letter (Khatoot):
Ghair Rasmi Khatoot(Rishte Daron wale)

Important Aap Beeti:

12Th Class FSC Computer Science Guess 2019

FSC CS Guess 2019

Long questions

Ch 1
data processing.activities involved data processing? Data base model.diff types database model
ch 2
key?diff types key use strored retrieved file management system.
Ch 3
data modeling?ingredients of data moleling?
ER diagram.
Ch 4
data integrity?types data integrity?.normalization
ch 5
RDBMS.databse object?use store retrieve data.
Ch 6
primary key.procedure applying primary key ms acces.query?use & advantge diff types queries
ch 7
form?use and advantage.
Ch 8
two categories progam & programming language..basic structure of c program
ch 9
identifier? Two type identifier c?constant?explain diff type constants.
Ch 10
work printf function.scanf function.getche function.gets function.clrscr function.
Ch 11
“if” statement or statement with one alternative?
Ch 12
do while loop.for loop.nested loop its working.all program loop

Guess From Toqeer Hamayun Bright Future Acadme

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