2nd year 12th Class English Guess Paper 2019, FA, 12th Class Fsc Guess Paper 2019

12th class English Guess paper 2019 And important Question of English
Second year 2019 (new course)
As English is an international language and a Compulsory subject for intermediate classes..
Here we have made agenda with the help of highly experienced teachers or lecturers just to facilitate the students who Feel as English is one of the toughest subjects. By learning all these u can achieve maximum marks In Sha Allah. All Type of Students who relate Arts or Science Fsc English guess paper and FA English guess paper can get good marks by preparing these guess papers all over the Punjab.
All important Questions are given below:

English Guess paper And important Questions ‘2nd year’
Book-Il part I
The Dying Sun
1:How is it that a star seldom finds another star near it?
2:what happened when,the wandering star came nearer and nearer?
Lesson#2 Using the scientific method
Question#01,04 and 05
Lesson#03 Why Boys Fail in college
Question#02 and 06
Lesson#04 End of Term
Lesson#05 On Destroying Books
Lesson#06The Man who was a Hospital
Question#01 and 04
Lesson#07 My Financial career
Question#02,04and 05
Lesson#08 China’s way to progress
Question#02,03 and 05
Lesson#09 Hunger and Population Explosion
Question#01 ,03
Lesson#10 The Jewel of the World

Book-Il Part-ll

Lesson# 11 First Year at Harrow
Question# 02,04&06
Lesson# 12 Hitch Hiking across the Sahara
Question# 1,2,3,6,7
Lesson# 13 Sir Alxander Fleming
Question# 01,02,05,08
Lesson# 14 Louis Pasteur
Question# 01,02,03

Novel Mr.chips
Important Characters for Questions

1. Katherine
2. Mr.chips 03. Ralston 04: Mr wetherby
05: Meldrum 06: Mr. Chatteris 07:Merivals
08: Mrs.Wickett 09: about Brookfield
10: Linford 11: colly 12: John Rivers
13 caractacus
14: memories of Katherine
15: last days of chips
16: raw between chips and Ralston
17: first class of mr.chips
18: reaction of parents over the raw with Ralston
19: importance of First April
20: Mr.chips’first meeting with Katherine
21: Discipline in the class of mr.chips
22: death scene of Chips


01: current affairs
02: favorite personality
03:A match
04: A visit to museum or hill station
05: My aim in life
06: My hobby
07:the women place in society
08: science is a blessing
09:health is wealth
10: importance of sports and games
11: terriorism
12: democracy
13:co education
14:why I love Pakistan
15:an ideal teacher


Noun, pronoun, Adjective, article, verb,adverb, preposition

For translation:

Present ,past and future tense

These Guess Papers are prepared after lots of analysis and contribution of many professors from the country.

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