1st Year Physics Guess Paper 11th Class 2021

The guess paper of the Physics subject for the students of the 11thc lass for the session 2021 has been announced. The talented and the interested students want to download the guess paper of the Physics class for the examination that kind of the students are click the link and they get the guess paper in the form of the PDF and if they want to print directly then they press the key of the keyboard and got the print from all the copies of the Physics subject. The physics subject is compulsory for the first year and the second year. If any student want to become the doctor or the engineer or the designer or the computer engineer then they study the physics subject and tried their best to get the good marks.


The physics subject ahs many importance in the first year or the second year. There are three fields in which physics subject is compulsory

  • FSC pre Medical
  • FSC pre Engineering
  • ICS computer sciences

In these fields the physics subject is necessary and the other fields the physic subject is not important. On the other hand the test for the jobs and the test for the admission in the university the physics subject are also very important in the other departments.

  • Mostly universities and the colleges and the other institutes opened the admission at the month of the September and they announced the announcement that the students first passed the entry test exam and then they are eligible for the admission.
  • The questions of the Physics subjects are included in the admission test.
  • The NTS and the PPSC and the CTS and the GRE and the other tests and the test center announced the admission for the job.
  • The physics questions are also included in the test.

Guess paper

In the guess paper of the Physics, there are many equations and the numerical and the formulas and the theorem and the other units are mentioned on the model or the guess paper. 

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