1st year 11th class Math Guess Paper 2021

The guess paper of the first year of the mathematics subject for the students of the engineering and the computer sciences and the arts and the FA and the other fields for the session 2021 has been announced. The subject of the mathematics is also for the 100 marks. The paper of the math is very tough. In the first year math subject there are many equations and the theorem and the formulas are included. If any student wants to get the guess paper or the model paper or the past paper of the math subject that kind of the students visit the site and then they click the link of the guess papers and then they download it and then they also share online from the different friends and the class mates.

Paper pattern of the mathematics:

  • The 17 multiple choice questions are conducted in the objective type paper and the time is only 20 minutes for the objective paper.
  • In the subjective portion the paper id divided into two parts
  • One is short question
  • Second is long question.
  • In the mathematics paper some choices are also in the short questions and the long questions of the examination.
  • In the first paper the 12 short questions are conducted in the first portion of the short questions and the students only solve the 8 questions and the marks of the first portion are 16.
  • The second portion is same as to the first portion.
  • In the third portion of the short questions, the 9 questions are conducted and the students only solve the 6 questions and the total marks of the third portion are 12.
  • In the portion of the long questions
  • The every question has the two parts and the every part has the same marks.
  • The only 3 completed questions are compulsory for the examination.
  • The total marks of the long questions are 24.

Guess papers

All the companies and the brands and the version of the guess paper are available on the page and the site.

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