Virtual University Of Pakistan is a world wide international university. It is located in Lahore. It is Pakistan’s 1st university establish completely on modern Informational and Communication Technology. It was established by the permission of govt of Pakistan non-profit institution in a public-sector. Virtual University mission is to provide extremely reasonably priced world class education to dream of hunger students all over the country. Using free air online satellite television broadcasts and the Internet technology, the VU allows students to follow its rigorous programs regardless of their physical locations. It thus aims at deficiency the lack of capacity in the existing universities while at the same time tackling the unpleasant or unwelcome situation face when shortage of well qualified professors in the country. By identifying the top Professors of the country, regardless of their institutional affiliations, and requesting them to develop and deliver hand-crafted courses, the Virtual University aims at providing the very best courses to not only its own students but also to students of all other universities in the country.

VU Campuses:

Virtual University was established in the year of 2002 after that it has expanded operations to reach more than 100 cities in the country with more than 161 associated institution providing fully infrastructure support to his students.Pakistani students who work in the city actually who works part time in neighboring towns in several other countries in the different region are also studied in the VU University’s programs.

Virtual University has 2 types of campus in any country, 1st VU its own campus, and 2nd that are runing by other organizations with modern computer lab and Internet facilities.

VU Offered Programs:

Faculty of Arts

VU Masters (2-Year) Programs:

M.Sc. in:


Applied Psychology

Organizational Psychology

Mass Communication

M.A. in:

English Language Teaching (ELT) New Program

VU Bachelor of Science (4–Year) Programs:

BS in:


Mass Communication



VU Bachelors (2-Year) Programs:

BA in:

VU BA (Bachelor of Arts)

BA (Mass Communication)

BA (Psychology)

VU Post Graduate Diploma (1-Year) Programs:

PGD in:

VU Applied Psychology

Television Production

VU Faculty of CS and IT

VU Ph.D Program

Ph.D in:

Computer Science

VU Master of Science (2–Year) Program:

MS in:

Computer Science

VU Masters (2-Year) Programs :

Master of:

Computer Science (MCS)

Information Technology (MIT)

Computer Science (MCS) Only for VU Graduates

Information Technology (MIT) Only for VU Graduates

VU Bachelor of Science 4 Year Programs :

BS in:

Computer Science

Information Technology

Software Engineering

VU Bachelors (2-Year) Program :

B.Sc. in:

Computer Science

VU Associate Degree (2-Year) Programs :

ADP in:

Computer Networking

Database Management System

Web Design and Development

VU Post Graduate Diploma (1-Year) Programs :

PGD in:

VU Computer Science

VU Information Technology

VU Faculty of Education

Master of Philosophy (2–Year) Program :

M.Phil. in:

Education (Educational Leadership & Management)

VU Master of Education (M.Ed.) (1-Year) Program:

VU M.Ed. (1-Year)

VU B.Ed. (Hons.) Elementary 4 Year Program

VU B.Ed. (Hons.) Elementary

B.Ed. Secondary (1.5-Year) Program [as HEC new education roadmap program]

B.Ed. Secondary (1.5-Year)

B.Ed. Elementary (2-Year) Program [as  HEC new education roadmap program]

B.Ed. Elementary (2-Year)

B.Ed. Elementary (2.5-Year) Program [as  HEC new Teacher’s Training education road map program]

B.Ed. Elementary (2.5-Year)

VU Associate Degree (2–Year) Program :

Associate Degree in:


VU Post Graduate Diploma (1-Year) Programs :

PGD in:


VU Faculty of Management

VU Master of Science (2–Year) Program:

MS (Business Administration)

MBA (Equivalent to MS)

VU Masters (2-Year) Programs :

Master of:

VU Master in Accounting

VU Master in Accounting & Finance

VU Master in Banking & Finance

VU Master in Business Administration (MBA)-Executive)

VU Master in Business Economics (MB Econ)

VU Master in Business Studies (MBS) Equivalent to BBS – Leading to MBA /MSBA

VU Master in Commerce (M.Com)

VU Master in Finance

VU Master in Human Resource Management (MHRM)

VU Master in Operations & Supply Chain Management

VU Master in Public Administration (MPA)

VU Bachelor of Science (4–Year) Programs:

BS (Accounting and Finance)


BS (Banking & Finance)

BS (Business Administration)

BS (Commerce)

BS (Commerce) for B.com degree holders

BS (Management)

BS (Marketing)

BS (Public Administration)

Bachelor of Business & Information Technology (BBIT)

VU Bachelors (2-Year) Program:

BA (Business Administration)


B.Sc. (Mathematics, Statistics & Economics)

VU Associate Degree (2-Year) Programs :

Associate Degree Program in:

Accounting & Finance

Islamic Banking

Human Resource Management

Operations Management

Sales and Marketing

Supply Chain Management

VU Post Graduate Diploma (1-Year) Programs :

PGD in:


Accounting & Finance

Banking & Finance

Business Administration

Entrepreneurship & SME Management


Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

Public Administration

VU Faculty of Science and Technology

Ph.D Program :

PhD in:


VU Master of Science (2–Year) Program :

MS in:






Molecular Biology

VU Masters (2-Year) Program :

M.Sc. in:




VU Bachelor of Science (4–Year) Programs :

BS in:




VU Admission Procedure:

Virtual University of Pakistan offers admission Two time in year. 1st in a namely spring seasion in the month of January/February and  2nd  in the month of August and September every year. By filling online form you can apply for new fresh admission in Virtual University of Pakistan. You can got form, visit www.vu.edu.pk . VU admissions Spring session 2018 are now open. with receipt of online admission filled application form 2018 at VU Registrar’s office, This form is processed after some verification subject to admission and Student eligibility criteria and candidate is informed 1st through email which you provided in admission application form 2018). 2nd,in case campus based student inform by through an email to his campus and in last step, by mailing a hard copy admission form with offer letter and VU information material at his mailing address.


VU Admission Schedule – Admission Spring 2018

Description Day Date
VU Admissions Open – Spring 2018 Wednesday February 18, 2018
Option to apply for Course Exemption / Transfer of Course Credits ours Wednesday February 18, 2018
Orientation for newly admitted candidtes Monday to Friday March 05 – April 13, 2018
Option to Apply for the Change any subject / Conversion of Study Program for existing Students of VU Monday March 19, 2018
Last Date to apply any Course Exemption and Transfer of Credits hour Thursday 22 March 2018
Course Selection Link active for enrollment Spring 2018 Monday March 26, 2018
Last Date to Apply for Admissions 2018 
[All Master(2-Year), BS program, Bachelor, Associate, PGD program, Deficiency/Zero Semester, Specialization in any program & Professional Short Programs]
Monday April 02, 2018
Apply for Change of any subject Program last date for existing and new admit student Thursday  day time 12 April-2018
Commencement of Classes – in Spring 2018 Monday April 16, 2018
Last date for Course Select to add and drop/replace course Thursday April 26, 2018

VU Eligibility Criteria:

In order to check whether you are eligible for your preferred discipline program, kindly visit http://www.vu.edu.pk/Apply/AdmissionEligibility.aspx


VU Contact Information:

VU Postal Address:    M.A Jinnah Campus, Defense Road Office Raiwind Road, City Lahore.

VU Telephone:            0800-880-88 (Toll free)


VU MObile Number       0304-111-0880

VU Fax:                       +92-42-99200604, +92-42-99202174


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