Spoken English Difference Language and Linguistics in Mphill PHD English Program

Language vs Linguistics

Language and Linguistics are two different
words that have to be used differently.

 Language Definition:

A “Language” is a mode of expression of thought by means of articulate sounds.
Thoughts alone are not enough to express yourself. You need to do by
means of articulate sound too. Articulation brings the life to a language.
Language can cover just about anything from the difference in how males and
females used language to how languages have developed over time.

Linguistics Definition:

“Linguistics” is a branch of study that deal with languages. It is a
comparative study languages. Linguistics is a branch of study where in you make
historical study languages. It is other wise called comparative philology.
“Linguistics has  branches” upon which the study is built.
Linguistics a lot more abstract because it looks generally at big different
language and trying to capture generalizations from language itself. As
Gillespie says, because it is so abstract you’ll done a lot more theory because it’s theory
because it’s the theory of feature from all sort of languages

Branches of linguistics:

The four branches of linguistics are
(1). Phonology
(2). Morphology
(3). Syntax
(4). Semantics

It deals with the study of sound or the study of sound system and how they pattern
(example) in English, there are many examples of t’s in the middle of
words that sound quite different from t’s at the beginning or end of word.
Listen to the t’s in “toted” and you’ll hear that they don’t sound the same.
The first t is pronounce with a puff of air  like put your hand in front of your
mouth to check this then) but the second is not and it sounds like the d in
“coded.” This sound is called a tap because your tongue taps the roof of
your mouth briefly and it is very similar to the tapped r sound in
languages like Spanish or Japanese (this leads to misconceptions of the
English middle t as an r for speakers of these languages).

It deals with the manner in which the word are form by the combination of some sound.
Syntax deals:
the manner in which the words are arranged in a sentence.
Syntax : the study of sentence structure
English and many western Europe language have a phenomenon called
“wh-movement.” wh-word is the question word who, which, what,
where, when, why, how. Think about the sentence “I eat an apple”
possible feedback to the question (What do you eat?) The word what
correspond to apple, but it show at the beginning of sentence.
Semantics:  deals with the study of meaning and the method by which the
meaning came to be attach to particular word. or the study of meaning
and formalize it into a logical form English and many western European
language have a phenomenon called “wh  movement.” wh word are the
questions word who, which, what, where, when, why, how. Think
about the sentence “I eat an apple” what is the response about this question
“What do you eat?” The word what correspond to (apple), but it shows up
at the starting of the sentence. In most of the languages, though, the wh
word correspond to the same position as the word it refers to
example, in Chinese you say “I eat apple” in response to
“You eat what?” We say then that in languages like English, wh movement
has occur and the structure is In English, the wh words move to the
front of the sentence.

How we make difference Language vs Linguistics

Now it should be understood linguistics is a subject of study that is build
on the languages. Therefore we said that language is the fundamental unit of
branch of linguistics. Without languages the subject of linguistics not be there. In
other words languages the way for the growth of the field of linguistics.
Linguistics studies nature of languages, the various phonetic changes that take
place in the languages, the change in the meanings of particular words in the course
of time and the like.
Each language has special and inherent characteristics. Languages are
individual and separate in nature need for comparative study arise.

Now you can easily understand Language and linguistics. when you are learning Spoken English Course we Provide you basic English Grammar and Basic English Grammar knowledge.

Written by Shehzad Anjum Fatyana (Mphill English)

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