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Solar panel indicate to a panel designed to absorb the Sun light rays as a first source of energy.After Absorption energy from sun light plates heated and generate electricity. Now a days in Pakistan people are using solar panels in their offices and homes buildings on self basis for 2 reasons. 1st people those are using  solar panels install in homes will reduce the electricity energy bills . Due to this reason the Latest Solar Panel Price in Pakistan would be compensate by the reduction in the electricity bills. 2nd the govt,s solar energy project is a long base plan which is going to take a long period while energy crisis in Pakistan has been solve soon. In this web page we are sharing with you full price list of solar system. In which 450 watt solar panel price in Pakistan 2018, 650 watt solar panel price in Pakistan 2018, 100 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan 2018, 150 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan, 50 watt Solar Panel price in Pakistan,250 Watt solar panel price in Pakistan 2018, 300 Watt solar panel price in Pakistan 2018 , 450 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2018,400 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan and 30 watt solar panel price in Pakistan all the prices are given below.

Many Private companies have different charges for the installation of solar panels in private homes and building. Solar panel installation Cost depend on the electricity generation capacity in watt of each solar panel. The price increases as the generation capacity of the Solar panel’s increase. On average, for a generation capacity of electricity  25 Watts, the solar panel  is up to Rs-7000 and  for 100 Watt electricity , the total cost is round about  Rs-28000.

Solar Charge Controller Price List in Pakistan

Solar Panels Quality Price Per Watt Life Span of Solar Panel
A Class Solar Panel 80 to 100 8 to 10 year
A+ Branded Panel 110 to 120 20 to 25 year
Local Made Solar Panel 60 to 75 1 to 3 year

12 Volts 10 Ampere Charge controller price  Rs 1500

12 Volt 24 Ampere charge controller price Rs 2500

12 Volts 30 Amp Charge controller price Rs 2600

12 Volts 30 Amp Charge controller price Rs 3000

Types of Solar Panel

  1. Poly Crystalline
  2. Mono Crystalline

usually Mono Crystalline Solar Panels work professionally on high heat as compare to Poly Crystalline Solar Panel.

Solar Panel System Price In Pakistan

Solar System Capacity Solar Panel Price Electricity Load Solar Panel Watt
1 KVA 125000 1 LED

3 Energy Saver

2 Fans

600 watt
2KVA 225000 6 Energy saver


4 Fans


1000 watt
3KVA  280000 9 Energy saver


1 water Pump

1 Deep Freezer

6 Fans

1 washing Machine


1400 watt
4KVA   1 Ton AC

11 Energy saver


1 water Pump

1 Deep Freezer

8 Fans

1 washing Machine

2400 watt
5 KVA  660000 1.5 Ton AC

15 Energy saver


1 water Pump

2 Deep Freezer

12 Fans

1 washing Machine

3200 Watt

Types of Batteries Use For Solar Panel

Type of Battery Features
Deep Cycle This type of battery do not have the capacity to generate electricity for a long time period and under goes many charge and discharge cycles on daily basis.
this Battery is useful for a small system.
Flooded lead acid This type is to be maintained on regularly basis, the water level maintenance has to be monitored every 15 days.
This battery is the most common battery use and longer life than others.
This battery is releases gas when it is on charging mood therefore  placed outdoors
Sealed Battery Places indoors therefore Does not release gas
This type of battery does not any  maintenance and do not need water checks .
Absorbed Glass Matt This type of Battery leak proof and does not discharge gas while charging.
Additional glass mat between the each plates which allow the battery to be charged for long than a Flooded lead battery .

Load Calculation Table

Appliance Estimated Watt
Padesial Fan 200 to 300 watt
Energy saver 8 to 45 watts depend on the power
iron 1200 watt
Blender 300 watt
Frying pan 1200 watt
Computer,Printer,Laptop and PC 50 to 75 watt
Toaster Oven 1200 watt
Freezer 500 to 800 watt
Table Fan 50 to 100 watt
Room AC 1000 to 2000 Watt
Toaster 800 to 1500 watt
Ceiling Fan 75 to 100 Watt
Microwave 1100 to 2000 Watt
Coffee Grinder 100 Watt
Hot plate 1200 Watt
Refrigerator 600 Watt
Vacuum cleaner 300 to 1100 watt
Blow dryer 900 to 1500 watt
Space Heater 1000 to 1500 watt
Washing Machine 600 to 900 watt

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