Punjab Education and English Language Initiative (PEELI) & PEELI Training Program

As English is an International language. It has become one of our basic requirements in every field. To support Chief Minister’s Education roadmaps it was necessary to make students enable to understand English language at initial stage.March 2009 the Government of Punjab announced a new move to introduce (EMI) English Medium Instruction in
public schools starting from
Class-1. After that (PEELI) Punjab Education and English Language Initiative was established in 2013.
It works with Directorate of Staff Development (DSD) and Schools Education Department (SED). It’s main purpose is to develop English language across Punjab. Its main purpose includes to brighten

01#Teaching methods


03#English Language

These training sessions not only provide many progressive benefits to teachers but also make class rooms teaching effective. It also builds the confidence of the teachers and students as well.

In 2015 (December) British council signed a memorate to achieve more targets of PEELI approximately for next three years. In this memorandum PEELI aim to facilitate 300,000 Middle and Primary teachers throughout the Punjab. It also aimed to develop speaking listening and writing skills by different activities. All these should be achieve till the end of 2019.
PEELI worked much during many past years by conducting Face to Face activities and training sessions. Through PEELI training in October 2015 micro teaching was also introduced.
From April 2015 to March 2016 there were 31 Face to Face training sessions of PEELI. There 3510 participants participated in these sessions from 36 districts of Punjab.1748 education managers trained on leading in English medium instructions.700 DTEs were trained Online during this period by PEELI. 90%teachers agreed that PEELI training was of high quality and it was highly appreciated.they agreed that it will help them to do their job in an excellent way. They appreciated and acknowledged it’s benefits . They acquired new knowledge and managers were 100% agreed that these training sessions are benefitted. They gained better understanding and activity based learning.

Teachers Educators…
420 master trainers 400 DTEs and 185000 primary school teachers trained on master trainers orientation on teachers guide.

PEELI is progressing fastly to achieve it’s Targets. From 2014 to 2015 there 55% of teachers trained by PEELI are able to communicate in English effectively. They feel confident in the learned skills.
75% of teachers can better explain the requirements of learner’s.
60% of teachers can give better and effective opportunity to their learner’s to practice English language by different activities.

From 2015 to 2016
70% of teachers can make frequent use of English while delivering lessons or for communication.
80% of teachers can engage their learner’s in different activities by using the skills provided by PEELI.
65% of teachers can make their learner’s enable to speak English and make their power of understanding more effective and efficient.

In August 2017.. training session conducted for newly appointd Educators. For this purpose 420 Master Trainers(MTs) were oriented. These PEELI training sessions were conducted especially to help garde 1,2 and 3.. for The subjects English Maths .

List of Abbreviations in Education

(GOP)        Government of Punjab

(TISELT)     Training in Secondary English Language Teaching

(ABLE)        Activity Based Learning in English

(DSD)         Directorate of Staff Development

(EMI)          English Medium Instruction

(PEELI)       Punjab Education and English Language Initiative

(SAHE)       Society for Advancement of Education

(QAED)      Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development

(ADU)        Academic Development Unit

How to apply for PEELI

Complete the attached Training Consultant Application Form and send it to Adress Plz write “PEELI Training Consultant Application” in the subject area. Note: we do not accept CVs

Application Pack Here

THE PEELI  Permanent Team

Tony Fisher
Director PEELI

Muhammad Asif
Resource Centers Manager

Matt Pusey
Senior Training Manager

Nic Shaw
Senior Training Consultant

Andy Cartee
Nische Khan

Project Coordinator
Project Manager

Umair Ali
Project Coordinator

Nische Khan
Project Coordinator

Jawad Raja
Marketing Manager

Senior Training Consultant
Sobia Nusrat

The British Council is the United Kingdom international
organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

Written By Zeenia Bukhari (Mphill English)

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