Online Vehicle Verification/ How to Check Online Vehicle Registration in Pakistan

When we are going to purchase old or used car,bike,truck or any other vehicle then you must need to verify vehicle ownership record from excise taxation record and all other documents. In the old times, it was a very long process to get vehicle verification. But now advanced computer technology has made this difficult task very easy and all process done in 2 to 3 days.Now excise taxation vehicle record you can avail all details about vehicle ownership and registration just by sending an SMS  to 9966 or through Internet. You can also get car registration information about Excise and car Token tax record paid or not.You can see  verify record details of any vehicle or to stolen vehicle identify . if you are not found any record you can download complain performa. Mention required information,and send it to relevant government authorities in some days your data should be online in website.You can check online car number,online license no.check online car number,excise registered vehicle check,online car registration check Lahore,vehicle registration check Punjab,motorcycle registration number check,how to check vehicle registration through sms,Tax on Imported Motor Cars, vehicle registration check Islamabad and token tax rates vehicles Islamabad all data we are providing.

Vehicle Verification In Punjab

If you are facing problem to found your car bike registration data try different Combinations some of these given below
XYZ 000——————-LEB 321
XYZ 0000——————LEB 0123
XYZ 0000——————LEB 1111
XYZ-00-0000 ————-LEB-09-1111
MLT means City Multan, 18 means year 2018 and 2696 is your car Number.
Type your Vehicle Number in Search bar and get detail about Car Registration Number, Car Chassis No, Car Engine No. Made Name, Car Registration Date and Time, your vehicle Price, vehicle Year of Manufacture, vehicle Color, owner City,vehicle Owner Name with Father Name).
Click here for check car registration Vehicle Verification
If you are facing problem in found car motor record fill this form and send it to adress

Stolen Vehicle Identification System of Pakistan (SVIS)

Police has introduced latest service with the help of Digital Company Rescue 15. Any citizen can avail information about any Islamabad-Punjab-Registered-Vehicle through this quick service. You will get details on your mobile number by sending Chassis Number of the vehicle to 8521. This process is called Stolen Vehicles Identification System (SVIS). For location of stolen car this process is used and by this system discourage stolen car resale to any customer.
Process of send message and receive information is given below:
  • Send vehicle Chassis No. in the form CNO AAAXXXXX to 8521
  • In a short time you will receive message in format

CNO is Chassis Number

ENO is Engine Number  

RNO is Registration Number

  • see your Status (Stolen or Recovered)

Lahore Motor Registration Authority

Motor Registration Authority (MRA) Lahore has all record of vehicle which are registered in Lahore city and also has its website with all detail. You can get all information record of any vehicle which is registered in Lahore city.

Sindh Vehicle Verification Online – INCPak

Sindh Vehicle online Verification already present on INCPak website since June 2013, On Website. Sindh Vehicle Verification Online is restricted only to Karachi Registered vehicles, INCPak web page donot keep any info.,  over here is from their respective To Get the all detail click on Verify Vehicle Online Government of Pakistan.

How to Verify Records of Vehicles Registered in Sindh

Information available on this page is updated – If your vehicle is stolen or missing, kindly report it on the nearest police station and CPLC contact number 021-35683333-2222 . when you are buying any vehicle or car first verify it online. Official website of CPLC Karachi: www.cplc.org.pk
Enter the vehicle Registration number select the Car or Motor type submit detail. and wait for the result,If your car or motor vehicle is not appear in the sindh record contact ( Motor Registration Wing ) Excise & Taxation Department Sindh Civic Center Gulshan e Iqbal,  City Karachi.

KPK online Vehicle Verification

KPK Excise & Taxation Department, provides value information about your vehicle online.

Verify Records of Vehicles Registered in KPK

token tax rates vehicles islamabad

Rates of Token tax, Car Income Tax, Professional Tax for Motor Car

Engine Capacity

Token Tax MVT

Local Vehicle all tpye

Income Tax (2014-15) 

Income Tax (2016-17-18)

Professional Tax
 For Filer       Non-Filer Filer        Non-Filer
Up to 1000 CC Rs-10000 Rs-10000 10000 10000 Rs-10000 200
1000 – 1199 CC Rs-1800 Rs-1800 3600 1500 Rs-4000 200
1200 – 1299 CC Rs-1800 Rs-2000 4000 1750 Rs-5000 200
1300 CC vehicle Rs-1800 Rs-3000 6000 2500 Rs-7500 200
1301 – 1499 CC Rs-6000 Rs-3000 6000 2500 Rs-7500 200
1500 CC vehicle Rs-6000 Rs-4500 9000 3750 Rs-12000 200
1501 – 1599 CC Rs-9000 Rs-4500 9000 3750 Rs-12000 200
1600 – 1999 CC Rs-9000 Rs-6000 12000 4500 Rs-15000 200
2000 CC vehicle Rs-9000 Rs-12000 24000 10000 Rs-30000 200
2001 – 2500 CC Rs-12000 Rs-12000 24000 10000 Rs-30000 200
2500  or above Rs-15000 Rs-12000 24000 10000 Rs-30000 200

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