Master Trainer jobs 2018 (ADU) Govt of Punjab 2018

District Subject Experts (DSEs) Jobs 2018

Cluster Subject Experts (CSEs) jobs 2018

Dated: 10th March 2018

All concerned Chief Executive Officers (DEA) in the Punjab.
All concerned Regional Programme Mangers in the Punjab
All concerned District Monitoring Officer in the Punjab.
All concerned Heads, District QAEDs in the Punjab


2. Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED), Punjab will provide continuous professional development opportunities to all public school teachers and head teacher sat the Academic Development Units (ADU) of its District and cluster QAEDs.
Providing effective and need-based in-service training requires the development of a pool of Subject Experts (trainers) at District and Cluster QAEDs. District Subject Experts (DSEs) and Cluster Subject Experts (CSEs) have been selected from existing lot of public school teachers.
3. QAED, Punjab conducted a validation process for all DSEs in English, Math, Urdu and Science (one group) on February 12-15, 2018.In the said validation process;
Some DSEs were assessed as being “beginner” or at level-1.
Some DSEs were absent in the validation process
Now, competent authorities decided to replace the level-1 DSEs with more proficient ones and also to select and validate the DSEs in place of absent ones.
4. Committee for the Selection of District Subject Experts (DSEs) shall consist of following members.
CEO (Convener) or his/her representative
DMO or his/her representative
RPM or his/her representative
District QAED Head (Secretary)

The committee will follow the selection criteria given below for the selection of required DSEs (Annex-A).

5. Selection Criteria:
Masters in relevant subject
(Please look for degree evidence before selection)
Good understanding and command of subject content knowledge

(During selection interviews, please ask candidates 5-6 questions in their subject to assess their subject content knowledge)
Excellent communication and delivery skills, ability to plan and deliver an effective training session with appropriate content and time management
(During selection interviews, please ask the candidates to deliver a sample 10 minutes training session to assess their training skills)

6. This Committee should complete this process by Wednesday March 14, 2018. List of selected DSEs with their complete profiles should be sent to Course Coordinator-V, Mr. Amir Rauf, by the said date.

Govt of Punjab decided to launch Training Academy in each Cluster.Each CTSC Converted into Training Academy.  Selection of Trainers for ADU (Academic Development Unit) at each CTSC in all over the Punjab in following 8 Subject.

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. English
  5. Urdu
  6. Social Studies
  7. Islamiyat
  8. Maths

The selection criteria is 

1.Minimum Master Degree in relevant subject of selection
2.Minimum 3 years teaching experience in Government Schools
3. Preference given to those teachers Majority of teachers of cluster like him.


Trainer Selection Plan for Academic Development unit

1. Meeting with CEO & DMO is conducted in each (QAED)

Participants are (QAED) Head , CEO, DMO, TE (A&F).

2. Meeting with CTSC Head in each (QAED)

Participants are (QAED) Head , TE , CTSC Heads , DEO (SE)

3. Meeting of all teachers of attached schools and teacher of school without primary portion in each CTSC .

Participants are  DTEs , CTSC Heads , Dept.Rep, DMO Rep teachers of attach and un attach schools primary to high secondary school.

4. Preparation of trainer list by CTSC in each CTSC

Participants are  DTEs , CTSC Heads , Dept.Rep. DMO Rep.

5. Preparation of trainer list by DTSC in each (QAED)

Final List Submission to DSD Through Email to cc (R&DL)

Request to all DTEs Mention competent Teacher for as a Master Trainer because these Master Trainer Helps DTEs in CTSC Training Academies.

Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) is valuable services in the field of teacher’ training from 50 year. The QAED was established with the name of Education Extension Center (EEC) in 1959. Since it contribute vital role increase of quality education its also lys as change agent role. The Government has facilitate teacher development by envolving a vital role for the QAED as organization responsible for coordinating and ensuring teacher development in the Pakistan Punjab.

Cluster Subject Experts (CSEs) Training Phase-2:

QAED Punjab has designed one day training for Custer Subject Experts (CSE) at 36 Districts of Punjab to develop pedagogical skills in teachers to enhance quality education. Selected CSEs are invited to attend their subject training at as per Schedule and venue given below.

Session : Group ADUs Numbers

Venue: QAED center each district
Before 14 March 2018 (Urdu)
Before 14 March 2018 (English)
Before 14 March (Physics)
Before 14 March (Math)
Before 14 March (Biology)
Before 14 March (Chemistry)
Before 14 March (Islamiat)
Before 14 March (Pedagogy)
Before 14 March (S.St)

Session 2: Group-B ADUs Numbers
(1,4,6,7,10,12,13,16,18,19,22,24,25,28,30,31,34,36,37,40,4243,46,4849,52,54,55,58,60,61) W.E.F 22-Jan-2018 to 27-Jan-2018

Venue: QAED center each district
22-Jan-2018 (Urdu)
23-Jan-2018 (English)
24-Jan-2018 (Physics)
24-Jan-2018 (Math)
25-Jan-2018 (Biology)
25-Jan-2018 (Chemistry)
26-Jan-2018 (Islamiat)
26-Jan-2018 (Pedagogy)
27-Jan-2018 (S.St)


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