English Guess Paper 2018 FA, Fsc, ICS Part 2

English is a very important subject i FA,Fsc and all Students Intermidiate classes read it with great interest. You can get all Subjects online free guess papers  from this webpage. Here we are sharing with FA, ICS & FSc Part 2 2017 English guess papers.These guess papers are valid for all  Taleemi board of Pakistan and all students got benefits from these guess papers and got good marks in exam. www.appenglish.com provide you all books past papers and guess papers. You can get all information about Medical and Engineering universities news admission news from this webpage.In Pakistan English is very popular subject every one wants get  good marks in English. In developed countries mostly English language is used and now in Asian countries all people gave importance to English language. You get complete detail about online free English course from this webpage. We prepared English guess paper 2017/2018 for Fsc, FA and ICS after research and review on past papers and complete study of  English books. You can get good marks with the help of these guess papers and shoul get admission in best college or university of world.

English guess paper 2018 Inter Part 2

Important Idioms Phrasal Verbs Guess Paper of English 12th Class 

  1. A bad debt
  2. A blind alley.
  3. A blessing in disguise.
  4. A bone of contention.
  5. A close fisted man.
  6. A cat’s paw.
  7. A dark horse
  8. A maiden speech
  9. A jail bird
  10. A man of straw
  11. A near miss
  12. A narrow escape
  13. A royal road
  14. A white elephant
  15. A sugar daddy
  16. Above board
  17. All and sundry
  18. Add fuel to the fire
  19. Alpha and omega
  20. Apple-pie order
  21. An axes to grind
  22. At a stone’s throw
  23. At eleventh hour
  24. At arms length
  25. At length
  26. At sixes and sevens
  27. Bad blood
  28. At the daggers drawn
  29. Bag and baggage
  30. Be up in arms
  31. Beat about the bush
  32. Beat the air
  33. Better half
  34. Bed of roses
  35. Between two fires
  36. Blow hot and cold
  37. Bird’s eye view
  38. Bung to light
  39. Broken reed
  40. Bury the hatchet
  41. Call in
  42. By hook or by crook
  43. Call in question
  44. Carry off
  45. Call into question
  46. Carry on
  47. Carry the day
  48. carry out
  49. Castles in the air
  50. close shane
  51. Catch at a straw
  52. Come about
  53. Come off
  54. Come by
  55. Come up with
  56. Cut off
  57. Cut down
  58. Deal in
  59. End in smoke
  60. Drawn game
  61. Every inch
  62. Fair sex
  63. Face the music
  64. Fall in
  65. Fall off
  66. Fall in with
  67. Fall out
  68. First and foremost
  69. File the music
  70. Fly in the ointment
  71. Flesh and blood
  72. French leave
  73. Get into
  74. From hand to mouth
  75. Get rid of
  76. Give away
  77. Get through
  78. Give in
  79. Give up
  80. Give the devil his due
  81. Go back on
  82. Go off
  83. Go by
  84. Go off Play truant
  85. Go to the wall
  86. Go to the dogs
  87. Hair breadth’s escape
  88. Heart and soul
  89. Hand in glove
  90. Hold back
  91. Hope against hope
  92. Hold water
  93. Hue and cry
  94. In black and white
  95. In a fix
  96. In full swing
  97. In the long run
  98. In the air
  99. Keep an eye on
  100. kith and kin
  101. Keep back
  102. Look after
  103. Make both ends meet
  104. Look down upon
  105. Make up one’s mind
  106. Nip in the bud
  107. Man of letters
  108. Once in the blue moon
  109. Pass away
  110. Part and parcel
  111. pay lip-service
  112. Play truant
  113. Play the game
  114. Pocket an insult
  115. set aside
  116. Send for
  117. Set in
  118. Set up
  119. Set off
  120. Smell a rat
  121. Storm in a tea cup
  122. Spock and span
  123. Take after
  124. Take in
  125. Take down
  126. Take off
  127. The lion’s share
  128. Taken aback
  129. To abide by
  130. To cry over split milk
  131. To come to light
  132. To eat ones words
  133. To get into hot water
  134. Work wonders

Guess Papers of English 12th Class Important Questions Good Bye Mr. Chip

  1. Describe brief Mr. Chips as a teacher.
  2. Describe Chips marriage.
  3. What was the reaction teachers to row between Ralston and Chips.
  4. Was Chips marriage successful or not.
  5. Why boys in school began to love Chips after marriage?
  6. What kind of fellow was Mr. Chips before marriage.
  7. What changes did marriage bring in Chips.
  8. How did Chips look, after the death of Katherine Bridges.
  9. Describe Katherine Bridges ideas.
  10. How did Mr. Chips come across Katherine Bridges.
  11. How did Katherine influence Chips.
  12. What is the result of the meeting between Katherine Bridges and Mr Chips.
  13. Why Katherine wants to invite papular boy to play  football match against Brook field eleven.
  14. What were the political views of Katherine.
  15. When and how did Katherine die.
  16. What were the feelings of Mr. Chips towards Katherine.
  17. What was Katherine’s advice to Chips with regard to discipline.
  18. What was the effect of Katherine’s death on Mr. Chips.
  19. How was Katherine received at Brookfields.
  20. What did Katherine said to Chips on the night before wedding.
  21. How much popular Katherine was at Brookfield.
  22. How did Katherine change Mr. Chips.
  23. What type of farewell party was given to Chips.
  24. Describe the physical grace of Katherine?
  25. Write a few lines about Mr. Chips married life?
  26. Describe the event of the last day life of Mr. Chips?
  27. Write a brief note on the attitude of the students on the1st day of Mr. Chips at Brookfield?
  28. Why was Ralston not popular in Brookfield.
  29. Describe why did Mr Chips joined Brookfield school again.
  30. Where was Brookfiled town situated.
  31. When did Chips join Brookfield school?
  32. What were Mr Wetherby point of view about Brookfield and about Mr. Chips.
  33. Did Mr. Wetherby advised Chips on the day  Ills interview at Brookfield.
  34. How did Brookfield celebrate the end of war.
  35. What kind of novel is “Goodbye Mr. Chips.
  36. .Describe the most interesting incident in the novel?
  37. Point out the most thrilling incident of the novel?
  38. How did Ralston look.
  39. Was Ralston a popular personality.
  40. Write doer four qualities of Ralston?
  41. Who was Chatteris.
  42. How and when did Chatteris die.
  43. Who was Cartwright.
  44. What did Cartwright say about Chips children.
  45. What kind of fellow was Mr. Wetherby.
  46. What were Chips activities after retirement.
  47. What did Chips said to Lloyd George.
  48. Who was Linford.
  49. What do you know about Grayson.
  50. What is rissole.
  51. Why was Chips called a pre-warman.
  52. When did Mr. Chips recall his memories.
  53. When did Mr. Chips fell ill.
  54. Who was Man Staefel.
  55. Who was Meldrum and how did he die.
  56. Who was Faulkher.
  57. Who was Mrs. Brool.
  58. Who was Major Colling wood.
  59. Who was Mrs Wicket.
  60. Why was spring 1896 very dear to Mr. Chips.

Fsc English Part 2 Essay Guess Paper

FA English Part 2 Essay Guess Paper

  1. The Importance of English.
  2. Use of Mobile Phones advantage & Disadvantage of moible.
  3. Election in Pakistan/ Corruption in Pakistan/ Democracy in Pakistan.
  4. Science uses in life , Advantage of Science.
  5. Terrorism.
  6. Unemployment.
  7. Women’s place and role in Pakistan.
  8. My Hero in History.

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