ENGLISH ESSAYS For Class 5th and Class 8th AIOU Students

ENGLISH ESSAYS For Class 5th and Class 8th 


Essays in the 5th and 8th grade should be clear and flow easily. The students need to be able to express their ideas with effective words choice and use a different variety of different sentence. Main idea should be evident whole the essay. In the 5th and 8th grade, students learn to expand their own views in their ideas. These 60 new creative writing essays topic for grade 5 and Grade 8th students are develope especial to inspire new ideas in your students.  We are providing various types of English essay. Such type of essay can be helpful for Teacher and parents to make their children actively participate in the extracurricular activities like debate, essay writing, discussion.

We prepared Essays in very simple and easy language. We are using very easy words in essays. These eassy are easily understandable by students.

These essays help and motivate the students to know about the country cultures, heritages, famous places, the importance of teachers, mothers, animals, festivals, events, occasions, Differents personalities, legends people, social issue and many other topics. English Paper essay for AIOU students. These essay are also helpful for class 9th and 10th class average students.



A prophet is a person selected by God. He guides all human beings. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was the last prophet of Allah. He (SAW) was born in Makkah on 571 AD. His (SAW) father’s name was Hazrat Abdullah (R.A). His (SAW) mother’s name was Hazrat Amna (R.A). He (SAW) was the greatest well-wisher of humanity. He (SAW) taught them not to worship idols but one Allah. He (SAW) showed right path to all the people. He (SAW) passed away at the age of 63 years. His (SAW) life is the best model for us.


Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi on December 25, 1876. His father name was Punja  Jinnah. His father was a rich merchant. Quaid-e-Azam went to England to study of law. On his return to India, he joined Indian National Congress. After few years he left Congress and joined Muslim League. He was a good lawyer. After his long effort, Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947. He died on September 11, 1948.


Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born in Sialkot on November 9, 1876. His father Sheikh Noor Muhammad was a pious man. He got early education from Mir Hussain. He did F.A from Sialkot. He did M.A from govt. College Lahore. He did Bar-at Law from England. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was our national poet. He composed/wrote poetry in Urdu and Persian. He passed away on April 21, 1938. He is buried near Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.


I have many friends but Ali is my best friend. He is my class fellow. He is our class monitor. He is good player of cricket. It is of my age. He lives near my house. His father is a doctor. His mother is a teacher. He has one brother and two sisters. He is an intelligent student. He stands first in the class. He is a regular and punctual. He always speaks the truth. I like him very much.


Ali is my best teacher. He is an M.A,B.Ed. He is about forty years old. He teaches us English. He is a very good teacher. He is very hard working. He is punctual. His method of teaching is very good. He always advises us to work hard. I respect him very much. Our Principal and staff like him very.


My father name is _________________. He is 40 years old. He is a very kind father. He is a good father. He loves us all. He is very caring. He takes great care of us. He fulfills all our needs. He is very hard working. He helps us in our homework. He has a smiling face. He never gets angry. May he live long.


I have lovely mother. She is 35 years old. She is house wife. She prepares meal for us. She keeps our house neat and clean. She washes our clothes. She polishes our shoes. She is good mother. She loves us all. She is very caring. She takes great care of us. She fulfills all our needs. She is very hard working. She helps us in our homework. She has a smiling face. She never gets angry. May she live long.

8- My brother

My brother name is Mr. Ali. He is forty years old. He is a teacher. He says his prayers regularly. He is very noble man. He is an M.A, M. Ed. He helps me in my homework. He is hard working man. He likes to play football. He is very punctual. He is very honest and good man. I like him very much.


Pakistan is an agricultural country. Agriculture is nothing without farmer. He is backbone of our country. He is life blood of our society. He grows crops. His income is very low. He lives in a mud houses or huts. He led simple and hard life. He eats simple food.  He ploughs the land. He sows the seeds and waters his crop. He works there till noon. He looks after his crops. He keeps animals. He provides us milk and butter.


Ali is my ideal student. He is true Muslim. He is thirteen years old. His father is a doctor. His mother is a teacher. He is very punctual. He is my class fellow. He says his prayers regularly. He always gets up early in the morning and goes for a walk daily. He is very intelligent. He likes to play cricket. He is very honest and good man. I like him very much.


I like all my neighbours. But I like Ali the most. He is really good. He is a boy. He is my class fellow. All the neighbours like him. He is ever ready to serve others. He is a smart boy. We go to school together. We do our homework together. We play together. He is a good player of football.


The postman is useful public servant. He wears khaki uniform. He gets up early in the morning. He goes to his post office. He sorts out letters and packets. He goes from door to door to deliver letters. He brings the letters of our relatives and friends. He always brings us happy news. He has to do much work. Life of postman is hard and busy. He led simple and hard life. He eats simple food. He lives from hand to mouth. We should love and respect him.


My name is Ali. I am a boy. I am eleven years old. I read in class 5th. I live in Shaheen Town. I like to eat apple. My favourite colour is pink. I reads stories books. My father is a business man. My mother is a teacher. I can draw flowers and cartoons pictures. I play games on computer. I am a good player of cricket. I want to become a doctor. I love my country.


My name is Ali. I am a boy. I am 12 years old. I read in class five. I have four brothers and one sister. I live in Kabirwala. I read in Govt. Zargham shaheed High School Kabirwala. I offer my prayers five times a day. I get good marks in my exam. I want to become a doctor. I like to play cricket. My father is a farmer. I never tell a lie. I always speak truth. I respect elders elders.

15- A COMMON PERSON                        

( A Postman, A School Peon, A Policeman, A Soldier, A Driver, A Washer man, A Juggler, A Carpenter, A Street Hawker, A Watchman, A Snake Charmer, A Monkey Man, A Coolie, A Conductor, A Cart man)

A……………. is a common person. H is known by his dress. He is everywhere in our country. He is the useful member of our society. He led simple and hard life. He eats simple food. He lives from hand to mouth. Generally he is a poor man. He works very hard. He cannot wear good dress. He enjoy no holiday. It is our duty to help him. He is kind and honest man. We should love and respect him.


Every country has a flag. It is the sign of unity. The flag shows its identity. Pakistan is our dear country. It has beautiful flag. Its color is green and white. The green color is for Muslims and white color is for non-Muslims. It has a crescent and a star. It is hoisted on all important buildings. We salute it daily in morning assembly. I like my flag.


Pakistan is my country. It is my own homeland. It is my favourite country. It is an Islamic country. It came into being on August 14, 1947. Muhammad Ali Jinah is the founder of Pakistan. Pakistan has 5 provinces. Pakistan is a nuclear country. Urdu is our national language. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. Its population is 220 millions. Pakistan is an agricultural country. Its area is 796096sq/km. I like it very much. I love my country.


Pakistan is my dear country. Islamabad is its capital. Its national language is Urdu. It has four provinces. There are many lush green valleys in K.P.K. Its population is near 22 crores. It came into being on 14th August, 1947. Quaid-e-Azam is the founder of Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country. It has historical importance so I love Pakistan.


I read in Government Zargham Shaheed High school Kabirwala. It is very famous school. It is situated in Kabirwala city. It is a good school. It has 13 rooms. It has an office. It has a staff room. There is a big computer lab. It has a beautiful canteen. It has a small play ground. We play there. There are 26 teachers in this school. All the teachers are hard working. We like it very much.


I read in class 8th. My school name is Government Zargham Shaheed High School Kabirwala. We have a class room. It is near the Headmaster’s office. It is wide. It has two doors and six windows. It has twenty desks. It is newly built. It has two fans. It has a whiteboard. We keep it neat and clean. It is decorated with charts and pictures. We like it very much.


There is a nice Tuck shop /Canteen in our school. Stationary and edible things are sales there. We can buy cold drinks and juices from there. We can buy fruit, sweets, and tea. It is run by Mr. Aslam. He is a gentleman. He is very polite with students. He sells very good things. He keeps it neat and clean. The headmaster often checks his things.


I have a room in my house. It is my bed room. It is also my study room. It is a big room. There is a study table. I keep my books on the table. The walls are painted. A clock hanged on the wall. There is a big mirror on the wall. It has one door and two windows. The floor of my room is fitted with tiles. I love to sit in my room. I love to study there. I love to sleep in my room. I like it very much.


Our school has library. It is situated in a big room. There is a big table in the center. There are more than 5000 books in our library. The books are kept in almirahs. Books are arranged by subjects. Forty students can sit on the benches. Mr. Qari Siddique is the incharge of the library. He looks after the books. He also issues the books to students. I visit the library regularly. I like my school library very much.

24- INTERNET (Uses and Abuses)

Uses: Internet is the best source to get information. We can find information by using search engine. We can collect and send message through internet. We can buy and sell our goods through this. We can pay our utility bills and fees through it. It is also use for research. It provides us online results.

Abuses: Students are wasting their time by chatting aimlessly on the internet. The criminals use it to cheat the people. Sometimes the information is not reliable and true on it. Young generation gets access immoral websites. Long time use of internet can harm our eyesight. 


 The name of my city is Kabirwala.  It is big tehsil of district Khanewal. It is very big city. There are 50,000 people live in it. It has a big hospital. It has many schools and colleges. It has no big parks for children. It is very busy city of Punjab. It is very peaceful and calm place. It is very beautiful and nice city. I like it very much.

26- MY VILLAGE (Village life)

My village name is Abdul Hakim. It is a small village. It is situated near Kabirwala. It is surrounded by trees. There are about thousand people live in my village. There is a big mosque in my village. My village has a market. There is a high school. Mostly peoples are farmer in my village. They celebrate all festivals together. The people of my village led very simple life. They live peacefully and happily together. I am really proud of my village.


A fair is a cheerful festival. It is very popular in villagers. It brings them joy. The villagers work round the year. They wait for joyful activity. A fair gives them a big thrill. It gives them short relief from work. Children and women also enjoy the fair.  A fair is held in my village. There is a big crowd of people. They look very happy. There are many stalls. Children enjoy merry-go-round. Jugglers show his tricks. Kabaddi match is also play there. I like my village fair very much.


The mosque is the house of Allah. It is a place of prayers for the Muslims. There is a mosque near my house. It is a beautiful mosque. It has four minarets. There is a pulpit for the Imam Sahib. It has a big hall. It also has a big courtyard. I go to the mosque daily. I offer prayers in the mosque. I recite Holy Quran in the mosque.


A book is a good friend. This is a book. It is a good book. It is my book. Its color is blue. It has fifty pages. Its price is thirty rupees only. I bought it from bazaar. It is very useful. It is book of stories. I read it daily. It has many stories. It is very helpful. I always keep it neat and clean. It is my companion. I like it very much.


I read many books. But the Holy Quran is my favourite book. It is our holly book. I recite it daily in the morning. It is in Arabic language. It is translated in Urdu. It has 30 parts. It has 114 Surah. Its cover is very beautiful. It gives me best Knowledge. I like my favourite book very much.


There are many subject to study. Every student has their own favourite subject. I also have my own interests. I like English. It is My favourite subject. I perform really well in grammar.  .I love reading books and novels.  Our English teacher is really sweet.  There are many subjects which we study in our school.. English is very important subject. I like it very much.


I have a cow/goat. It is a pet animal. It is a very useful animal. It is a domestic animal. It is found in all parts of the world. Its color is white. It is very beautiful. It has two eyes. It has two ears. It has four legs. It has two horns. It has a tail. It eats grass. We get milk from it. Its milk is useful. We eat its meat. It is very useful animal. It is found everywhere. It is gentle by nature. I like it very much


Television is a wonderful invention. It broadcast many programmes. There are many channels. We can watch different programmes on it.  It provides us entertainment. All kinds of programs presented on TV.  It entertains us through songs, news, dramas. It has become very common now a day. It has become a part of modern life. It is a reliable source of information. It tells us our social problems. We learn a lot from it.


The horse is very faithful animal. He is found in every part of the world. He has different kinds and colours. He is very useful animal. He pulls our carriages. He is used for riding. In the past, he was used in wars also. He has long hairs on his neck. He carries us on his back. Horse is also use in games.


It is a chair/table. It is my chair/table. It is made of wood.  A carpenter has made it. Its colour is brown. It has four legs. It is commonly used. It is very beautiful. It is very useful. My father bought it from the bazaar. It is not costly. Its price is 500 rupees. It is available in the market. It is very useful to me. I use it daily. I like it very much.

36- MY PEN

This is a pen. It is my pen. It is new pen. I write with it. I bought it from the bazaar. My father bought it from bazaar. Its colour is blue. Its price is 50 rupees. It has three parts. Its first part is nib, second part is holder and the third part is cap. It is made of steel and plastic. It is very useful. I always keep it in my pocket. I use it daily. It is a very good pen. I like it very much


This is a bicycle. It is my bicycle. It is a birthday gift from my uncle. It is made of steel and rubber. It has two wheels and a seat. I enjoy riding on it daily. I keep it clean and gleaming. It runs very fast. I oil it regularly. I keep it safe from rust. I use my cycle for going to the school. I have also attached an electronic bell. I love my bicycle so much.


Computer is an important invention. My computer is very special to me. I got it as a birthday gift from my parents last year. My computer has a monitor which looks like a T.V screen. It has a central processing unit. It also has a mouse. With my mother’s help, I have learnt how to type words using the keyboard. I have also learnt how to draw pictures on the computer. It was a wonderful birthday gift for me.


We built a new house. I have a small garden in my house. I have grown flowers of different beautiful colours. It is great joy to me to take care of my plants. In my rest I sit in my garden and see the flowers. They refresh my mind. I feel glad and happy. My house looks very beautiful due to my small garden. It gives me such a good feeling. I suggest everybody to have a garden in their house.

Last Sunday, I saw a road accident. The driver of a car lost his balance at a turn. He crashed into an electric pole. The driver was badly hurt. We helped him to come out of the car. He had received a big cut on his forehead. Soon he was carried away to the hospital. The driver was the only person in the car. The car was badly smashed. This is an unhappiest incident and day of my life.


My name is Ali. I am ten years old. I read in class 6th. My hobby is gardening. I have a small garden. There are different plants and flowers in the garden. I look after the plants and flowers. I water them daily. Gardening is a good hobby.  I like it very much.


I always complete my work. I know time is money, so I do not waste my time. I do proper planning. I always try to achieve my goal. I never lose heart. I do my work day and night. I look at the bright side of things. I never sit idle. Hard work is a key to success. So, I always complete my work at time.

Recess period is the period of happiness. It lasts only for half an hour. We all wait for it. There is great rush in the recess period. I make my way to the tuck shop. My friends also follow me. After buying biscuits we go to the playground. We eat and play there. I feel refresh and ready for learning.  I love my recess period.
Milk is a perfect food. It is sweet and delicious. Its
colour is white. We get milk from cows, goats, buffaloes and female camels. The milk makes us very healthy and strong. We should not drink milk until it boiled. Milk is great gift of ALLAH for us. We get butter and curd from it. All the persons like it very much.

45- TREES (Save Trees)

Mother Earth has given us many gifts. One of them is trees. Trees are very important to us. Many of our tribes live inside forests which have trees.  Trees provide us timber to make furniture. Wild animals depend on trees for food and shelter. Trees help to prevent soil erosion and floods. They give out Oxygen and make the Earth clean and cool. Many products such as paper, gum, rubber etc are obtained from trees.  Trees reduce pollution and increase rain. Birds make their nests on trees. So friends, SAVE TREES by not cutting them and make them happy.


Water is really a gift of nature. Water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. It is found in well, ponds, rivers, and oceans. About 3/4 of the earth is covered with water. It is obtained mainly from the rains. It has no taste, no color and no smell. Other name of water is life. We cannot live without water. We drink it. We cook our food with it. We use it for washing. The farmer needs water for growing crops.


The sun is a star. Our earth is round the sun. The Sun gives us light and energy. My teacher says that it is a ball of fire. So it keeps us warm and gives us heat. Plants make their food with the help of sunlight. When the sun rises it becomes a day. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The sun rises early in the morning even before I get up. I like a sunny day. So I like the sun very much.

A computer is an electronic machine. It has three main parts; CPU, monitor and keyboard. It is a very popular household item. It is very useful invention. It is used for many purposes like adding, subtracting, dividing and in solving many problems as well. It works faster than the man. It is used in almost every field of life. I also have a computer. I play games, listened music and watch movies on it.

Allah has created four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. All seasons are very beautiful. I like all the seasons but I like most the spring. It starts in February. Spring is the mildest and lovely season. New life runs in all living thing in it. All the plants grow well. New green plants grow in this season. The earth looks colourful in it. It has fresh breeze. Flowers bloom in it. Birds sing songs in this season. All animals find food from these plants. So, I like this season very much.

Dengue is a fever. It is due to infection with a virus. It is transmitted by Aedes mosquito. This mosquito is large in size than that of
common mosquito. This mosquito has white marks on its body. It lays eggs in clean water. Its symptoms are high fever, muscle pain and vomiting etc. It is estimated that one million people are died by dengue fever. There is no proper treatment and cure. We can save ourselves from dengue by care. If we use mosquito repellents even indoors, use mosquito nets. When outdoors, wear long-sleeved dress. If you have symptoms of dengue, speak to your doctor


 I live in Pakistan. It is an Islamic country. It has five provinces. Its national language is
Urdu. Its national game is Hockey. Its national flower is Jasmine. It has a beautiful national flag. Its color is green and white. There are many Beautiful places to see. Many people of different religions lived there. My country is very peaceful place to live in. I Love my country very much.


I live in Pakistan. It has a beautiful flag. Its flag has two colors. It has a green and white color on it. It has a crescent and a Star on it. Green color represents Muslims. And white color represents minorities. Our flag is a sign of peace and Prosperity. I am proud of my flag. I like my flag very much


Last Sunday, I was going to Multan by a bus. It was about 2 p.m. A car was hit into a motorcycle near College Chowk. The motor bike driver flew in the air and fell on the road. Fortunately, he had some minor injuries. I called the Rescue 1122 and they came quickly. The car driver was fined. The bike driver was taken to hospital for treatment. This is an unhappiest incident and day of my life.  


Last Sunday, I was enjoying a sound sleep. At about midnight I heard some cries “Fire, Fire”. I got up and ran out of my house. A big house was on fire in the street. The people in the house were crying for help. I called for the Fire-brigade. It reached in no time. They took the residents out of the house. Meanwhile the fire was controlled. All the people thanked God. There was no loss of life. But the whole building turned to ashes. This is an unhappiest incident and day of my life.


Last Sunday my friend invited me to his birthday. I reached there at time. He also invited my other friends. The party started at 5.00 p.m. First of all, there is cake cutting ceremony. After that there is a magic show. A magician plays many tricks to entertain us. After that all friends including me gifted him with presents. At last we all had a dinner. This was really memorable for all of us.


Summer vacations are the best part of the year. We like summer vacations very much. In this we can do whatever we like. We had no worry. We had no school work. We have no fear of being in time for school. We have no fear of the teacher’s mace. We have no fear of weakly tests. We are care-free. Neither the boy nor the teachers are serious about school work. We play heartily. Day by day we enjoyed the summer vacations.  


I have a small garden in my house. There are many flowers in this garden. I water these plants daily. I take exercise there early in the morning. I refresh my mind there. I feel glad and happy there. My house looks very beautiful due to this small garden. I like it very much. I suggest everyone to have small garden in their house


House is a place where we live. It is always like a paradise. I have a beautiful house. It is situated in Garden town. It has five rooms. There are six family members live in my house. I have a small garden in my house. There is a small kitchen. We live here happily. There is a beautiful drawing room. My house looks beautiful due to a small garden. I like my house very much.


A bus journey gives special delight. They are educative too. They give us wide experience. I went to Lahore by bus last week. A blind man was begging money in the bus. Bus was full passenger. Each passenger was interesting story. They were in high spirits. They cracked many jokes. We had a hearty laugh. Some sitting passengers were dozing. Some were eating. Some of them were busy in mobile chat. I also enjoyed the wayside scenes. It was pleasant journey.


A Railway journey gives special delight. They are educative too. They give us wide experience. I went to Karachi by train last week with my mother. We bought tickets. Train arrived on time. We entered our compartment. Train was full of passenger. Each passenger was interesting story. They were in high spirits. They cracked many jokes. We had a hearty laugh. Some sitting passengers were dozing. Some were eating. Some of them were busy in mobile chat. Some of them were sleeping I also enjoyed the wayside scenes. It was a pleasant journey.


Nature is at her best at the hill station. One can enjoy the beauty of valleys, trees, and plants. There is cool and fresh air. Hill stations provide a short welcome change from daily routine life. There are many beautiful and famous hill stations. Thousands of people visited these hill stations. Last year, in summer vacation, I left for Murree with my father. There we used to climbed hills. We go down in valleys. We meet villagers. There I saw many beautiful sights. It was a pleasant visit.


Trips bring us fun and knowledge. Last Sunday, our class visited Lahore museum. It was a lovely visit. We bought ticket and entered into the museum. It was a wonderful place. There were many showcases. We saw swords, arrows, bows and coins there. There were pieces of poetry, paintings and pictures. We visited many rooms and sections. Everything shows a story of ancient period. Our teacher helped us to understand it. In the evening we returned home.


The zoo is a place of great interest for children. Last Sunday, our class visited to Lahore zoo. It was a lovely visit. We bought ticket and went in. It was an interesting place. First we saw monkeys in cage. They were very funny and amusing. We were very pleased to see their feats. We saw lions, bears, stage, elephant and birds. We also saw snakes, ducks and parrots there.  It was evening. We returned home. It was pleasant visit.


There Sunday a holiday. I spend my holiday with easy. I get up early in the morning. I offer my Fajar prayer. Then I go to nearby garden. I enjoy fresh air. I enjoy chirping of birds. I do some exercise there. Then I come back home. I take a bath. After this I take breakfast and take rest. In the evening I go to play ground. There I play cricket with my friends. At night I watch TV.

Article Written by:   Abdul Khaliq Khan

M.Sc(CS), M.A(Pak-Study), M.A(Edu)

English Teacher

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